Los Barriles Spearfishing Report

Jun 13, 2021
Los barriles, BCS Mexico
michael sebern
20 foot open skipjack
Happy Fathers day!

The week started off great. Very little wind and warm water temps low 80's. Then we had a small wind event mid week, that cooled the temps back down to the mid 70's the temps were back on the rise when a tropical storm near the mainland pushed some colder swell and sent wind our direction to finish the week. But overall Spearfishing was good this week.

Blue Water

Wahoo continued to provide solid action this week. Most are of average size 30-40lbs but some bigger ones were seen but would not come close. Dorado are still M.I.A. for the most part. But with the Wahoo action so hot no one really wants to leave fish to find fish. Late in the week Tuna were only 4 miles off light house. Maybe Tuna action will turn on in the coming weeks.


On the Reefs. The Dog tooth snappers and showing up and providing the reef Spero's decent action. No large ones have been taken yet with most being in the 7-15 lbs range. Golden Jack has been plentiful as well as Cabria.

The week ahead

I anticipate a good week ahead the winds are diminished and tides are in our favor. High tides are in the early hours of the day. Typically the incoming tides bring nutrients and bait fish. Which as you know bait brings bigger fish. It is also a full moon this week which I have typically seen more fish. I would like to think the cards are aligning this week and the fish should be plentiful




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