Los Barriles Fishing report

Jun 13, 2021
Los barriles, BCS Mexico
michael sebern
20 foot open skipjack

Los Barriles Fishing report

The fishing is really starting to pick up. Spearos and Rod and reel fishermen were rewarded this week. Lots of bait in the area and readily available.

Yellow fin tuna

The tuna are moving closer to shore most tuna are being caught 12-16 miles out can be found with the spinner dolphin. Most are 10-20lbs good table fare.


The dorado are starting to show up with some size. A few bulls greater than 35 lbs were caught this week. They are still a bit further out mostly caught with rod and reel.


Marlin are almost a constant in providing great action. They are biting on rigged ballyhoo Lures and skipjack. most of the marlin caught are stripped no reports of blacks or blues.


A few Wahoo are being caught mostly with lures for the rod and reel folks. Spearos are seeing the best Wahoo action. With limits of Wahoo available

Rooster Fish

Few Roosters were caught. I believe this is due to the huge bite from Yellow fin tuna. Not many anglers are targeting Roosters. Spearo are seeing them in the water, but not taking them due to not being good table fair.

The fishing is in full swing now and providing great action for everyone. If you are near the area don't hesitate getting out. it is well worth it with limits of fish almost certain!