Loreto shakes off Newton

Baja Bytes

Baja Editor
May 11, 2011
Lake Elsinore, CA USA
Gary Graham
Life is back to normal with little damage beyond what goes on when it rain hard in the desert.
Old buildings lost some roof parts and old signs got blown down.
We didn't have the electricity cut off and the internet was only down in the early morning.
An unattended, unloved sail boat pulled the hook and landed on the public swimming beach. A bunch of the new palapas were destroyed as always happens.
Road repair across the arroyo to Colonia Zarragosa on the south side of town(next to the airport).
Fishing captains pushing the pangas back into the marina...the ones that didn't have trailers or owners nearby to pull them out before the storm. All the boats get pulled out. If the owners aren't there others step in...when the storm is over, back out they go!
Two shots from the Oasis area showing the brush and assorted branches that washed out from the arroyo.
The city employees, military and volunteers all pitched in to clean up the Malecon area from the Oasis all the way up to the public beach.

A big thanks to our Loreto Reporter Rick Hill for sending in