Loreto Area Islands 4-5 to 4-11 Report


May 18, 2010
Newport Beach, CA
Captain of Papa's Haven (52' Cabo), Thunderbird Sportfishing
Greetings and happy spring to everyone. I had a great week of fishing around the local islands with my boss and his wife onboard. We basically caught yellowtail everyway I know how. Dropper loop Mac's, flylined Mac's, YO-YO Jigs, a few surface iron fish, and some troll fish. Really fun fishing.

Some conditions observations.

Water was 65.8 to 68.5 I did better in the warmer water. Throughout the trip I didn't meter a ton of actual gamefish, but when I got around big bait areas, the fish were there too.

Caught a lot of fish in shallow, 50-70ft but also had some god whacks over deeper structure spots out to 160-180ft.

We were using flourocarbon on everything and it seemed to help as some boats around us were not getting as many bites.
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