Looking for a 16-19ft Bayrunner NorCal Bay area.


Jun 8, 2020
Petaluma, California USA
Boston Whaler 13
Interested in a entry - mid level bayrunner for the bay and delta. A high sided Deep V preferably with center console. I am trying to move up from a smaller 14 Valco to something with higher sides to be able to share my love of fishing with my young kids n take them out more with me on the river and in the bay, The valco worked .. but the low sides and high seating just makes for a less than pleasant day on the water having to eagle eye them constantly .. I am located in Petaluma Ca. Keep an eye out please! Mostly looking for something like a Bayrunner 18, but would be happy with any boat of similar design (Western, Klamath, Gregor, Delta etc)

Looking for rigs similar to these .. some needing a bit of elbow grease is no problem.. Hope its ok to cross reference older threads .. if not i will remove them, just trying to give good context. ..

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Cap'n Dad

Mar 7, 2020
Bay Area
I have two boats for sale (Long story), here's the short version.

First one is a 16 foot kalamath center console with a 40 HP 2 stroke mercury. Needs a little elbow grease, but good boat.
I've owned it for about three years. It's a great boat, but I've been looking for something a little bigger like 21-24' aluminum.

I saw an ad for a 21-foot bayrunner with a 50 horsepower Mercury 4 stroke. I I drove almost 2 hours to look at it and when I got there it was actually an 18-foot bayrunner center console. I thought well maybe it'll be better than the 16' so I bought it. It is a nice clean boat. I took it out one time and quickly realized that is not much different than my 16 ft center console. Just nicer with a 4 stroke.

Between me and my friends it's still just not quite big enough. I need at least a 21 and preferably a 24 foot aluminum boat.

If my kids were still small, no problem, but my kids are full grown men so these won't work for me. As it happens Im looking to sell. I'm in Vallejo.

Reply back to this if you have any interest we can talk about what I have and the price.

If anyone in northern California happens to see this and has a nice 21 to 24 foot aluminum boat hit me up. Lets see what you have. I may be interested in a trade for a larger boat. I'm not looking for a project, but I'm also not looking for a brand new boat or I would just go buy one. Late 90s to mid 2000 is perfect.

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