Long Beach lobster + lost hoop 2/26

Dec 13, 2015
Irvine, California
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Launched the inflatable out of South Shores yesterday around 3pm with my brother. There was a negative tide so it took a bit of maneuvering to get out of the launching area. We had some time to kill once we got out there, so we threw the a-rig around for a small sand bass before getting our hoops ready. As we were pulling up to our spot we saw a spout of water and a whale surfaced right along the rip rap; someone was a little lost!

Ran 8 hoops (lay-flat kind), half with salmon heads and the other half with chunked sardines. First set went in around sunset and we pulled it about 40 minutes later for nothing. Similar results on the second set, which only produced a little round ray. Third set had a nice legal lobster in a hoop with sardines. Reset in the same spot and got a nice one on the salmon head, our best one yet this season. Tried a few more sets, and a different location, for no lobsters and a tiny octopus. We had success in around 30-35 feet of water near some rock piles, soaking our hoops for about 30-40 minutes. We only saw 2 lobsters all night, but both were legal, which is a nice change of pace from Dana. I think we've probably caught 1 legal lobster for every 50 shorts there this season.

Side note: on our last set, we made a rookie mistake and forgot to uncoil our rope while we were trying a spot in 50 feet. As a result the buoy got pulled under and sank out of reach before I could gaff the rope. We were near the Long Beach fuel pier, on the side facing the breakwall. I know it's a long shot lol but if anyone finds a lay-flat hoop around there with a yellow buoy with my brother's name (Justin) on it, feel free to message me!


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    NICE WORK SKIPPER!!!! Its been a rough season but we still have one HELLA resource here in LB!
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