Long Beach 2/28/09


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Mar 15, 2008
Dana Point
Matt Vander Dussen
Boat Name
19.5 Chaparel Striker
Went out with my dad this morning to try for some sandbass and sculpin at izors reef. The day started interesting. When my dad and i are getting the boat ready to pull out this morning he starts coughing like crazy and gagging too. for about 15 minutes this went on until it just stopped and he felt ok. so off we went and got to the ramp to see a great morning. We got some squid from LBBC and off we head to izors, on the way out while i was driving i noticed that the gps wasn't reading right. I stop the boat and my dad and i fiddle around with it to find that the cable to the antena was broken. So we will not be able to go to any of our spots, that sucked but we decided that we would just meter around izors and find spots to drop down on. The first spot we get too my dad gets hammered before he gets to the bottom but farms it. then i get bit on my whitesea bass jig with a whole squid on the bottom and get a nice sandy. I only caught two other fish at izors today, both on the jig with squid on it. One was another sandy and a fat sculpin absolutly stuffed full of squid in its stomach. So we leave izors with 6 fish in the box. My dad had picked away at the sandys too. Since we do not have any numbers for our spots we cannot go fish halibut so we go decide to throw some squirts into the wall. It is pretty slow fishing. I flyline the squid in the rocks with my accurate 270 with a short top shot of 30 and my dad tries to go deeper with a sliding sinker above his squid. He got quite a few bites but got rocked everytime because he was only using 12 pound test. I got a real nice cabezon out from the rocks flylining that i successfully released, but thats all i got doing that. Later i put a sliding sinker on and got another cabezon that was also released but that was it.
It was kinda slow but still a real fun nice relaxing day on the water.


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