Local Boy Scouts could use your help


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Jan 19, 2009
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Looking for some help for the kids:

I am a volunteer with the Mount Baker Council of the Boy Scouts and I have fishing related request. The Scouts have a great summer camp East of Mount Vernon with a nice little lake that they stock with trout so the kids can fish all year. For many kids this is where they catch their first fish and then learn to clean cook and eat the fish. They also teach power boating skills on the lake with a little row boat and an outboard. The boys can get the Motorboating Merit Badge on the lake with this rig and the camp staff uses it to retrieve swamped canoes and upset sailboats.

Last year the little 4hp Evenrude died just before the camping season. I was able to get it to a mechanic and get them through the season, but it is old and more trouble than it is worth. Now the scouts need a newer motor. They are looking for a small 4-stroke outboard in good working condition. The smaller the better, but it has to be a 4-stroke because there is concern about dumping oil in the small lake and killing the fish.

If you have a motor that fits the bill that you want to get out of your garage let me know. We are looking for a donation and will give you a receipt for your taxes.
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Sep 6, 2005
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Have you tried contacting the boat engine manufacturers?...
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