Inshore Local BFT Chitshow 7-8-21


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Apr 3, 2007
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Like everyone else, i received the crazy info yesterday about BFT being caught on the 1/2 day and 3/4 day boats and miles and miles of "foamers" as far as the eye could see. I worked some magic with the job and next thing i know, im getting some of my long range reels out of retirement and spooling em up with fresh braid. Down to the marina this morning and im firing up my outboards at greylight with tuna adrenaline pumping through my soul. As i rounded the corner of the Lane Victory Dock, i expected to see an hour wait worth of boats at SPB but surprisingly, i was the only boat along with the Sport King as Mike scooped some 75% decent Sardine with a few Macks. Ok, Baited up and set a course in the direction of Avalon/14 Mile Bank. We ran straight out of Queens Gate and over the diving terns and pelicans all over the Horseshoe and 105 as the barracuda are putting on a good show right now. Within 45 minutes at around 35kts we start getting into the area of the 14. Sure enough under the birds were small fistfuls of breaking tuna but nothing to the degree of what was reported the day before. There must have been 15 to 25 boats competing for each little spot of blow ups. I have a little bit of upper hand as we are faster than most so we were on them pretty quick but with all the boat traffic and chit show going on i was getting frustrated. Anyone who was on the Western Pride out there and saw the Blue Whaler off your port knows that i was pretty gracious on etiquette yes? There was one moment when i let you guys on em first, mostly because i wanted to see someone hook up. After the game of chase and biggest dick contest, we decided to venture back up the line and go looking the way we came as reports indicated fish in that entire area. We only saw fish at the 14 and south 14 and YES 100% they are there!! Very spooky and very pressured. Looking back, i should have stayed in the area and tried as we saw nothing after leaving the area. Water temps were a hair under 70 degrees at the 14 and south and cooled back up towards Catalina and the channel to 68.2. I imagine with the weekend this should be even more frustrating for others. If you can find fish on your own, you have a much better chance than anything we saw today. Ran back towards Avalon Knoll to the rigs, to the mussel farm, to Izors, and finally back to the Shoe and finished the afternoon flyfishing cudas on the 8wt to save the skunk. Plenty of Cuda out there from Green Buoy and surrounding area. I heard the same type of chatter over the horn from other anglers as everyone was bombarding the boils whenever they'd pop up. The fish would sink out and repeat. Hope this helps. Daniel


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    Daniel, this whole episode accomplished at least ONE good thing -- you got back out on the water chasing tuna! About this time last year all of the LA boats spent a week chasing bluefin north-west of Catalina Island. The fish came through for weeks before they were noticed.

    This is an annual migration that lasts a couple of months and more. They always come up the coast. So many boats run right over them every year because they are focused on other areas. Just a thought -- next trip, note the general direction of the schools that are popping up and get a couple of miles ahead and shut down and start chumming some and dropping sinker rigs down. Like an iceberg, the part that you see above the surface is only 10% of the mass.


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    GREAT REPORT AND INFO....Damn Bluefin LOL Next time gettum. At least re-spooled your rigs!!!
    Like the Surf Movie "You should have been here yesterday" LOL
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