Slay'n Tail
Nov 27, 2012
San Diego, CA
2018 Parker 2320
Launched out of SD bay at 1pm on my Parker 2320, "Asalt Weapon" -- Headed out with my dad and buddies Austin (plattas son), Chad (madrugador), and our media guy Fritz (Pretty Is Productions). Glorietta launch ramp was a shit show to say the least, all the kooks were out.

Got everything setup, rigged, and in the water. Fished rubber tails while we waited for darkness to fall, and then it was game on. Baited our traps and carpeted our desired zone. We made a couple drops and ended up with enough legals for a Sunday dinner cookout. We really didn't fish hard at all and had the sled back on the trailer before 10:30pm. Kept a half dozen legals and threw back a dozen or so shorts. No bugzillas on opening night for us, but plenty of laughs and good times. Tight lines!

Check out the video from our trip below:
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