Lobster Hoopers Beware


Fear No Fish
  • Apr 22, 2013
    Huntington Beach
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    I spelled trail wrong. Duh. I'm curious if the violations an infraction or a misdeamenor. Let us know.. Zeke

    The DGF officer said it was an infraction, but who knows. I have not gone to court yet.

    Hoopnetting has become too risky,too many simple rules to follow.Stop now or become a target for law enforcement to create revenue for the state.That is all.

    With sarcasm duly noted, I will NEVER stop hooping or fishing. You can throw as many regs and MLPAs at me as you want, but you are not going to keep me from fishing. I just have to be more prepared and fish/hoop like the DFG is just around the corner.

    Thanks to all the posters that had great suggestions, I learned a lot.

    Remember the number 1 rule: Do not let the man get you down. Keep doing what you love, and be safe out there.



    Jul 15, 2009
    Redlands, CA
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    Just another revenue-enhancing ticket scam by DFW, like the now-departed "visible fishing license" foofahrah. The sorry truth is that as a revenue stream, tickets to the generally law-abiding create a far more positive cash flow than do enforcement actions against harder-core violators. Traffic tickets are the same way--cite a soccer dad or Tupperware mom, and they pay the ticket and seldom appear in court--less cost and more revenue. But catch a house burglar speeding, and cite him.......he'll NEVER show up in court or pay the bail/fine. He'll let the ticket go to warrant, which means he'll either get arrested (or nowadays just get another ticket), and the cycle repeats itself. The warrant might suspend the burglar's driver's license, and might enable impound of the car, but revenue for the city? Not so much. So, from the standpoint up turning a buck, citing the good people and bypassing the scofflaws makes more sense.

    Maddening as hell, and I thoroughly despised it as a sheriff's deputy.