Lo mejor de Nalgas Negras

El Sapo

Oct 11, 2015
Steven Resendiz
8’1” all glass, 1980’s Seeker 780. Best rod to compare it to is a Sabre 810H, which I have for pull comparisons if needed. This is a
60b rod, size 12 tip, with an enormous butt full of beautiful Thick black glass. This one doesn’t bottom out and gets heavier the more you load it up. Nothing but smiles if you like big boy fast action glass rods. Seeker made 765, 770, & 780. The 780 8’1” never made it to production. I believe this is one of the very few left, let alone UNWRAPPED blanks! This is pre Randy Penny stuff.

looking to trade for...

EX glass seeker 8ft 30-40lb

Truline D8, 6X, 39

Harnell 555 or 553

Lamiglas 528 lemon Yellow

Trinidad D/C 20

Text pictures of the rod or reel for trade to
el Sapo mas guapo, and he will do the same.

310 720 3933

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