Offshore Limits of MX Balloons!


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  • Jun 25, 2014
    Chula Vista
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    Late report for Friday, yesterday, I was too gassed last night.
    Michael and I left the Shelter Island ramp at 6am for a long day. 90 miles round trip but just over 12 hours on the water. The fish are close but we decided for a smorgasbord of activity. Everingham Bros had a short 15 minute wait for bait. We got a nice 1/2 scoop of sardines and sped out to the 9 Mile bank. Lots of life: dolphins, birds and all the telltale signs it would be a good day. I’ve been mostly vertical jigging lately so we dropped down for fresh fish. We caught and kept about 10+ salami sized mackerel for what we planned later that day. My PB mackerel pictured.

    We had been hunting in earnest for the elusive Spanish language, MX, Mylar Balloons but today would be our lucky day! We limited out at (2) but with (7) total balloons caught for the day. See two on right of photo!! So excited 😆

    Next we put one small 30# BFT on the boat. I know, borrrrrrring right? I filleted him this morning along with a tasty sculpin. The BFT were about 15 miles due West of North Island for anybody that cares about those stinky fish.


    Next we headed to South Island and did a calico bass seminar. Super fun catch and release and we lost count. Maybe (50) fish? After the islands we drove up to the Imperial Beach Flats for what we hoped would be some shark fishing. We dumped a bunch of chum and blood 🩸 in the water and waited with our hooks drifting deep and our clickers on. The Sharks never did show up so I’m gonna have to ask my buddy Chad for some tips. Back to the trailer a bit after Six pm and boat washing till dusk. Long day, I’m still beat.
    Have a great weekend everyone
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