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  • May 17, 2016
    Kapolei, HI
    Christopher Takahashi
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    Christina Ann
    Threadfins! Jacks! Baitfish! Goatfish! Surgeonfish! Mullets! Blennies! Barracuda!And a Monster Samoan Crab!

    4th day out fishing & doing vids, 4 different Samoan Crab encounters. Must be the month! Again thanks Charley for loaning me your cam for today. Actually recorded a rare sight before sunrise. A fat shy Pacific Threadfin "Moi" hitting a baited hook while another one tried for it as well.

    Moi in ancient Hawaii was the King's Fish, meaning the fish was in demand for it's flavor & only reserved for royalty. Today a school of them were chasing baitfish before sunrise. I had to use filters to bring these images out (Moi have large eyes for hunting prey in the dark).

    I tried to bring in my rig because the bell was jingling but that monster Samoan Crab was rooted to that spot. 4 different days of fishing resulted in 4 different Samoan crab encounters. The UW footage showing the Moi striking the baited hook may be the first time this has been seen. Last year i captured the Golden Trevally "Pao'pao" feeding by going vertical over the reef & blowing jet of water to uncover crustaceans. Also manage to capture the recently named Bonefish that occurs only in Hawaii.

    At 6:30am i was watching a 4ft Gt Ulua chase everything away. So cool to see that black shadow slam into everything only 6ft in front of me at high tide. I always love cutting my UW videos at the end of the day. On the surface it looks dead down there.



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