Liberty 3/4 day Monday 6/26/17

Discussion in 'Southern California Offshore Fishing Reports' started by Tunakilla64, Jun 28, 2017.

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    Here's my opinion....just my 2 cents. To each their own.

    Mike, congrats on an amazing catch and putting in the time the past 2 years to catch your fish of a lifetime.

    I've never fished the liberty however I've heard so many things about the captain and crew and would love to even shake Taros hand. However, I think the policy of sharing the fish is completely unfair.

    The angler has spend hundreds if not thousands of dollars chasing these fish. He/she knew that the fish count has been less than 3 fish per trip and had somewhat of an idea that the odds are against them but yet, still spend hundreds (of not thousands) of dollars to keep going on trips for a "chance" of these fish. Then finally, the boat hooks up, you are now in a lottery, and you WIN the lottery and now is your moment......only to find out you have to share the fish with 30 random people that you will probably never see again? Nah, not my thing.

    If this is the case, then why don't boats share All troll fish including yft? And yellowtail. And Bonita and whatever hits there troll?

    Again guys, this is just my opinion but angler should have the choice of keeping it all or sharing.

    Ironically, on my boat, it's always shared amongnst all anglers but then again, it's only 3 guys.

    Great catch though!!!! Huge fish. Enjoy the good eats.
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    Everyone gets a trophy
    I agree with FishingGuy exactly!!! What is this cry baby everyone gets a trophy junk. We are men we compete some win some lose. We understand that and buy more Jigs for next trip.

    The Best tell
    Is what the guy this happened to feels like. We all would feel like WHAT????

    The fact that now it is reduced to guessing what how many bags weighed what and how much meat comes from a 189# Tuna. That is nonesense.

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