Offshore Late Report 7/25 - 182, 181, 312


Jun 12, 2018
San Diego
2016 Thresher 21' CC
Got on the water at about 7:30 AM from South Shore, Mission Bay. Got a full scoop of bait, and headed towards the 182. Group was my girlfriend, two other buddies, and myself. Goal, hoping there were some paddies and hoping there was some yellowtail action that moved north.

Got to the 182 around 9:45 AM and start looking around. There was absolutely nothing going on. Started to slowly make trip to the 181, still looking for any sign of life. About two miles away from where I route us, there were some birds flying with us, and we eventually hit a calm pocket of water, where we found some bluefin on the surface. We tried to keep with them but they dove back under before we could try.

The 181 had tons more action as far as finding paddies to try and work and plentiful amount of bluefin hanging around. Unfortunately we could not hook a single one. At one point, I was able to start a drift right into them, but they weren't having any of our bait.

After all the action, started a route towards the 312. Found a paddie along the way with a bunch of rat yellows, them too weren't wanting to play. As we got closer to the 312, there were a lot of smaller schools of bluefin popping up, no boats in sight, however these schools were very skittish. Found a paddy in the area and one of us got took so we decided to fish it for a little. During that time there was a boat coming right to towards us, not changing course at all, started to yell and holler, still nothing, had to turn the engine on and move quickly, and eventually they ran over our spot, damn near hit us. Didn't get the name of the boat, but two guys, one old man just lounging in a chair and the other one messing around with gear. Decided to make the track to La Jolla, and kept seeimg bluefin but didn't stop.

La Jolla was pretty slow too, called it a day. Until next time.