Offshore Late Post, 1.5 Day Ocean Odyssey Bluefin Limits, Heart eating and breaking in Gear


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  • May 13, 2004
    Southern California
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    Wish I had One
    This year I decided to take my wife and daughter on a multiday trip. My daughter has always wanted to go and my wife will weather the ride and join me every so often.
    I had this tripped planned since January, bought my wife and daughter their own set ups (so I an use them when they don't go) so that they can fish. Daughter's Set up was a Custom Seeker OSP 1x3 Rod from @Kennyskustomrods find him on Instagram, Avet JX Raptor filled with Power Pro Maxcuatro (80lb) Braid to a leader of 250lb line tied to a Mustad Rip Roller Sardine (Katy Perry) 300 grams with added Mustad Assist Hooks and 1 treble hook. My wife's Set up was a Phenix Pandora Series PDX760H Rod with an Avet JX Raptor filled with Power Pro Maxcuatro also to a leader of 250lb line tied to a Mustad Rip Roller Sardine (Katy Perry) 300 grams Mustad Assist Hooks. The Jigs were a gift to from my uncle in Colorado, I took him out fishing last month and when he caught his trophy BFT, Report from that trip, I had a picture framed and I also gifted him the jig he used to catch his fish. He is hanging the jig just under his picture. I digress, I set my wife and my daughter up with their gear.
    We get to San Diego on Wednesday afternoon, have dinner at Miguels, get coffee at Portside Coffe and Gelato, and get to the boat to load up. This trip was going to be different for me, I worked the Ocean Odyssey last season from July to October while I was laid off and waiting to get hired, but this was going to be my first trip back and also bringing my wife and daughter. I love the Ocean Odyssey and want them to experience the great service this boat provides. Rick is a great captain and puts you on fish. Mike Gaskins was the second captain and he is also a great guy. So we load on to the boat, my buddies Mike and Tino are with us and ready to fish. After check in and getting our bunks squared away, we get to the deck and ask what size jigs are going to be best to rig up. We were told it was not that windy and so we can start with 300 grams and see how it sinks. I tie up our Uncle Jim gifts to the ladies and I tie up a Nomad Streaker Crimson Tide pattern in 320g, this jig worked for me and I wanted to stick with it. I tied up our flyline set ups with 40lb Seaguar Gold Label and 1 set up with 30lb just in case.
    Now that our set ups are ready we hang out for a few minutes, I tell my group to get some sleep because if we are getting into the night bite we won't get much sleep and sue enough, we knock out at 8:30pm and the engine slows down waking us up at 12:30am. We rush out and grab our rods, every drops, fish are at 200ft. Bam! BITER!!!! on the bow. I am at the stern area so not me, then I here my daughter shout BITER!!!! I quickly reel in and put my pole up. I run to the bow and start my GoPro. Within minutes my daughter has her 40-50 lber up to gaff. I thought what the hell? then I realized she had the jig with the treble hook. Sure enough, once it was flopped onto the deck, the jig was logged and hooked in the throat. There is never a fight whe you hook them that way. As the tuna is on the deck, I ask my daughter, You want that heart? Thinking she is going to reject the thought, even Captain Mike thought the same thing. To my surprise she wanted it. We take the fish to the back to tag it. Before I can hit record, the heart is handed to my daughter and she is quick to take her bite and starts the chewing. Proud Father moment for me there.
    Now to get my wife her tuna (not her first ever but first of this trip) We start jigging again and before I know it, my wife is on. I am now about 300ft down and it is going to take me some time to get back up. I pass the GoPro to my daughter and tell her to follow Mom and record the fight, she actually did a very good job.
    I would like to give a shout out to Captain Mike Gaskins, he stuck to my wife throughout the whole fight and guided her to catching her PB 80 lb BFT. Dezi was a great help as well, the whole crew was great. My wife was so stoked after catching her fish.
    After this I was now on the spot to get my first tuna of the trip. Everyone was calling me out on how the ladies were outfishing me, and it was 100% true. Pressure was on. I did not get bit until about 5:30am when we started flylining. I hooked up to a 30lber and that was good enough for me to get the skunk off.
    This trip was sponsored by Angler Chronicles so Sergio was on board as well and he gave some pointers to my daughter when she was on the troll and a Yellowfin but the spreader bar.
    Overall it was a great successful trip, I was able to get my wife and daughter on fish, which included my daughters first Bluefin and Yellowfin.

    Here is the recording of the trip on Youtube GoPro Recording


  • Jan 19, 2016
    Jed Venture
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    the twisted ducker
    Great job on that BOMB MOM!
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  • Aug 11, 2006
    Costa Mesa
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    Great report and pics. The whole family looks STOKED. Nice Tuna Everyone! Solid Work.
    Rick and crew of the OO a solid Operation for Many Years. Glad you had a fun trip!
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