Late May 22nd 3 day FV: Independance (pic heavy)



Mar 17, 2012
San Diego
Creek co tube.
Booked early in the year for the 3 day not knowing what kind of wheather or conditions we would be getting just hoping for the best. The weather had been of and on leading up to it rainy then sunny and so on. The week of the trip i was absolutely ecstatic. Got my gear together packed and made sure i had all i needed.
Friday 11:45
we boarded after having checked in at the office and making a last minute run to fisherman's landing for jigs and line. I was bunked with my friend and his dad in the back of the boat (h) section. Got comfortable on the beautiful vessel and made all last minute preparations. I put the reels on my sticks and tackle bag on my rack space. Had no idea what to expect from weather or fishing so kept an open mind. We got onto an already busy galley who was conjuring up some roast beef subs.

Delish of course.
At lunch we said hello to everyone and started talking with the one and only John Collins. He said very seriously "We will be fishing in a few hours", meaning that very day!. At that point very one began scrambling around getting gear rigged and stuff ready for a little US waters bluefin hunting.
That night the very first fish which ended up being the Jackpot was caught. 50# bluefin in US waters

That night we caught maybe one or two then we moved down south a bit looking for yellowfin. We sat down to our excellent dinner and readied for a long drive. Cap. Jeff said we would go down south quite a ways looking for some bigger class yellowfin that was being caught. If that didnt work out we would venture to San Martin in search of some quality yellows.

Woke up that morning when the trolling rods had just been put out. We were seiing tern birds and porpoise which looked inviting. Cap. Jeff did a swell job cutting off the birds and dolphins and we got quite a few jig strikes resulting in 20lb class yellowfin. Problem was these fish were not sticking around we would have a flurry on the jigs then nobody could hook any when the boat came to a stop. So here and there we were getting a steady pick on the fish trying to get into a school that was all for our flylined dines (very nice healthy bait btw).I ened up getting one fish to inhale my sardine but only a few of us had luck doing the flyline thing. The shimano jigs were getting it done the ENTIRE trip and a few yellowfin were caught on the coltsniper over livebait. The tuna never really did take full interest in our baits so instead of wasting time on the yellowfin we decided to get going in search of the yellowtail thing. San Martin has yellowtail folks lots and lots of yellowtail.


Got em on the yo-yo , megabaits, surface iron, dropper loop, egg sinker livebait, flyline. we anchored up and the fish didn't stop biting for about 7 hours. Great quality fish swirling around devouring everything.
after the bloodbath was over we went to the backside of San Mrtin island and anchored up for the night deciding to do the yellowtail thing again tomorrow. we ate like kings once again

The next day produced a similar result. Yellowtail everywhere!!! Go them on my brand new 10 footer thanks to Steve Lee! My tady 45 got Choked!!!!! Swirls and headshakes all day

At the end of the day it slowed down and the Cap. told us we would be heading for the dock soon. Guys dropped down and got some big lingcod in the last stretch of the trip and i myself caught a nice little starry and a big sculpin. We packed our gear cleaned up and headed home. The crew was on top of things Big thanks to the entire Independence family and everything they did for us. The fish are biting fellas go get some!!!!

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