Larger dorado trickle in, roosterfish explode

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    Baja Bytes Weekly Overview
    Friday, May 27, 2016
    Gary Graham
    Que Pasa

    More info on Mex 5 route:

    This whale breach is one of the coolest whale videos we've seen in a while!

    Coronado Island

    The boats are seeing a bunch of yellowtail but getting them to bite is a different story. Anglers who have experience in throwing the surface iron are doing best by far. Once in a while a boat will find a school that is willing to chew the sardine, though, so bait fishing isn’t a complete waste of time.
    We are told the best action is coming from the Rockpile south to Descanso, although there are a few fish up along the weather side of North Island and in the lee of South Island at Ribbon Kelp.
    There are also some barracuda showing at Ribbon Kelp, the South Kelp Ridge and at the Rockpile.
    Afternoon hours have been best, as the mornings have been pretty slow.

    The area from the 425 down to the Upper Hidden Bank kicked out big 50- to well over 100-pound bluefin tuna on Thursday.

    There was also some action on 25- to 45-pound yellowfin tuna. This happened closer to the beach and west of the 475 Knuckle. The yellowfin were found under spots of birds working tiny anchovy. …



    Yellowtail at Los Barriles -- La Joya Bank holding great quantity. "OTARIA" landed four and lost six."El Dorado" from Ensenada Harbor caught limits on the same spot. Weather wasn't the best; wind blew hard most of the morning and afternoon; sunny with short period swells.

    Bluefin tuna reports are getting stronger at Banda Bank between 19 to 28 miles from Marina Coral.



    Spent 30 minutes making bait. Plenty of bait around (we did see another boat buying bait). The weather was cold and the sea was rough. We spent several hours looking for yellowtail but we had no luck today. It must still be too early. We decided to go rock fishing instead.

    San Quintín


    Black seabass in the bay. ...Kelly Catian


    Or rockfish outside…Captain Juan Cook

    Bahía de Los Ángeles


    Still a bit windy today but nothing like yesterday with gusts that made fishing a daredevil's dream. We arrived at the right time. The wind has died down a bit and fishing should be epic this weekend. We hesitantly launched today with a slight breeze, late, at 8 a.m. I've been working too hard and needed some extra zzzzs. We stayed close to the ramp and made some nice mackerel bait. Headed out to Horse Head then Ventana then Pioli then Smith. No yellowtail for a good effort today but Chica Dulcedid manage a pair of huge Trigger Fish. I think I've created a monster fisherwoman! Smith Island in the background.

    Gonzaga Bay

    The San Luis Gonzaga Pesca la Baja will be based at Hotel Alfonsina's with registration on Friday, June 10. Boat departure: Saturday, 6:00 a.m. (beach front Hotel Alfonsina's). The scales open at noon and close at 4:00 p.m. followed by an awards ceremony at Hotel Alfonsina's at 6:00 p.m.

    Cedros Island


    I got a nice gulf grouper this morning right before we had to leave to go back to the ship for lunch. I caught it while filming Season Two of Destination Baja Sur. I still can't believe that I am getting to fish in these places on my Seafox and it has great being able to fish in the comfort of my own boat. …Chris Wheaton

    Bahía Ascensión

    No Report. Shari Bondy

    La Bocana

    A halibut kind of week! …Juanchys Aguilar


    First off, we had a volunteer meeting last Tuesday at Jungle Jims. We have ample volunteers to run the tournament, thanks very much to all of those in attendance. We could not come close to running an event without you . . .

    On captains’ meeting day, Wednesday, June 1 -- Peggy will be handling dinner ticket sales and on Sunday, June 5, banquet day at Jungle Jims starting at 2:00 p.m., she will handle dinner and drink ticket sales. Carmen will be handling tshirts on Wednesday and Sunday. Don Elgin will deal with raffle ticket sales on Wednesday and Sunday with assistance. Elizabeth Sandstoe and Barbara Vaughn will be doing last minute registrations and license verification.

    ANGLERS! BRING YOUR LICENSES FOR VERIFICATION. NO LICENSE----NO FISHING! Elizabeth will be a spotter for the calcutta.

    Paul will do the barking and Kevin will gladly accept your dinero at the end of the auction. Gary Bott will handle the grease board for the bidding on boats and before the auction will be selling the “IT'S JUST ANOTHER SIDE BET” which is a fixed $500 peso bet, entering your boat in a separate pool.

    Last but not least, Marie Oatley will be selling entrIES to “BIGGEST OTHER.” This could turn out to be a wise wager.

    Which leads me to a dorado report. I hear there are a few being spotted near Cabo. The Los Barriles Tournament was won with an 11-pounder. So cross your fingers and pray for divine intervention. We are rabidly searching for a few virgins to sacrifice. The weather once again seems to be cooperating. Fishing days as of now appear to favor Thursday, June 2 and Saturday, June 4.

    The final decision will be announced at the Captains’ meeting. We're looking at low 90s and flat seas. Bring yourself, your neighbors and any illegals you can find and enjoy a grande fiesta. There is one large raffle including fine wines, top shelf libations, fishing items and general merchandise suitable for hanging, framing or disposal. In the anglers package that you can now purchase at Claudias tienda, there are two green tickets … KEEP THEM! ONE IS FOR THE BANQUET AT jUNGLE JIMS ON SUNDAY AND THE OTHER IS FOR A RIB DINNER AT GECKOS SATURDAY NIGHT AT 6 p.m. (WITH ENTERTAINMENT). ENJOY, ENJOY, ENJOY!!! Bill




    Sorry no fish but I did arrange a nice shot of the rainbow following Thursday’s sprinkle ....

    The action continues, although I wouldn't classify it as hot!

    Out at La Cholla, the snappers and triggers are hitting cut bait with a few falling for iron in the "6Xjr." size.

    A good way to put great food on the table but I couldn't steer the hardcore crowd to that location.

    For the past week the sportfishing crowd has thinned out and we were lucky to get one or two boats out, daily.

    Punta Lobo and the San Bruno High Spot were the two best producers for medium yellowtail in the 12- to 15-pound range. Pinto bass made up most of the "other fish" catch with some pintos close to 5 pounds.

    Down south it is still a pick on cabrilla and with only two good-sized yellows taken all week. Catalana Island is getting the most attention with Punta Perico coming in second.

    The weather hasn't been an issue during this lull week. I think everyone is getting rested for the Memorial Day holiday.

    Water temperatures have been in the mid 70s and is clearing up.

    Still no reports of dorado sightings and very little sargasso floating or washed up on the shore.

    Also a tidbit on the weather; a conversation with a local rancher brought out the opinion/observation that when it rains here in May, it is a sure sign that the coming summer will be hotter than normal.

    (Our rainy season doesn't kick in until September.)

    I wish the prediction also included hot news about the fishing scene. …Rick Hill, Pinchy Sportfishing

    Magdalena Bay

    Windy on outside...Bob Hoyt

    La Paz


    The roosterfish (Nematistius pectoralis) named “Ricky Ranchero” (Tag ID: GFR15579) was originally tagged and released by angler John Isby on April 22, 2016 while fly fishing with captain Israel Locero and mate Gary Bulla aboard the charter boat Luciano V, out of Bahia Muertos, Baja, Mexico. The roosterfish was estimated to be 24 inches (60.96 cm) total length and had an approximate weight of 15 pounds. …Gary Bulla

    No Report…Jonathan Roldan, Tailhunter International

    East Cape



    It’s been an incredible May down in the East Cape this year and it has been a long time coming.. Compared to the last three years, this has been by far the best May. If you were one of the lucky ones who came down this month, you probably landed a wahoo and quite possibly your first one ever. Many guests told me that they have been coming to the East Cape for over 20 years and had never been fortunate enough to land a wahoo. This year was different. This year if you came looking for wahoo, you most likely caught one. Some guests even landed four in one day. It has been an epic May for wahoo and we hope it continues throughout the year! …Van Wormer Resorts


    Fred Hall and the whole gang joined us for the week for their annual stay…Gary Barnes Webb


    Well the fishing keeps improving!!!! Both the weather and the water are perfect around 82 degrees.
    So many photos this week and I can only send you all a few :)
    These last few days we have caught marlin, tuna, wahoo, dorado, amberjack, jack crevalle, and grouper. …Captain Werner, Finatic

    San José del Cabo


    Anglers found that baitfish were less plentiful this past week -- not much inshore baitfish activity at all and the offshore grounds did have some small skipjack, but no reports of bolito; should start seeing more soon. Limited supplies of caballito, moonfish and jurelito were available in the marina area and the bait vendors also were offering ballyhoo and slabs of squid.

    Fishing action was slower for the first part of the week, partly because winds limited options, but later in the week we saw much improved action, particularly near the San Luis Bank, where hog-sized amberjack in the 20-to 80-pound class were caught along with some good wahoo action and more dorado than recently. Anglers used various baits and lures, a combination of drift fishing, slow trolling and higher speed trolling all produced strikes.

    We saw wahoo to 50 pounds and dorado up to 25 pounds. Yellowfin tuna were scattered, some hitting on squid and others while trolling smaller hoochies and Rapalas; most of the tuna landed were in the 5- to 20-pound range. There were reports of boats landing as many as a dozen yellowfin trolling off of Red Hill, while north of Punta Gorda most boats were only finding a couple of yellowfin in the their combined catch, but there was more chances at variety in that direction, particularly for finding the wahoo, dorado and amberjack.

    Striped marlin were found within several miles of shore, as well as farther out on their normal traditional grounds. Striking on baits as well as trolled lures, sizes ranged from 50 to 130 pounds. There was an unusual story this week of a 20-foot whale shark being seen swimming around inside the Cabo San Lucas Marina; apparently this was an event never witnessed before. normally this very elusive species is only found occasionally in the clear waters on offshore sea mounts.

    Not much roosterfish action reported, though there were at least some being hooked into by hard-core surf anglers; more inshore baitfish activity needed to attract these prized fighters. …Eric Brictson, Gordo Banks Pangas

    Los Cabos


    No bad days fishing in Cabo! Three striped marlin released (100-120-130-pounds), and one 35-pound wahoo for dinner!
    Great job Stephanie and David from Cypress, Texas, and team Erick and Ramiro aboard the 42-footHot Rod! Marlin took caballito bait and wahoo preferred the black-green lure, all caught at 1150 Spot. …Pisces Sportfishing

    While it was a little slower on the billfish this past week it was mostly due to the change in tactics by many of the boats to fishing for the yellowfin tuna that were offering some faster action for the anglers. Most of the tuna were school-fish-sized in the 15- to 25-pound range. It seemed like the better tuna catches were coming from the Cabo Falso area (El Faro) and the better billfish catches came from the Herradura area, just south of Cabo a few miles.

    Air temperatures varied from 75 nights to 82 daytime highs and a 61% humidity level. It was a mostly sunny week with a few days of passing clouds and sunshine mixed.

    Surface breezes flowing in from the northwest and varied from calmer mornings to 12- to 16- mph by the afternoons. The Pacific side, from the Golden Gate Bank and southerly across the Jaime Bank and passed the 1,000 Fathom Curve, was all at 73 degrees. Cabo Falso and out to the 95 Fathom Spot mostly at 76 to 78 degrees. Chileno and out to the 1150 fathom spot and northerly to Los Frailes, was all at 77-79 degrees.

    Cabo Falso to the Herradura was best for the billfish, followed by the 1150 Fathom Spot area. The tuna catching was best in the Cabo Falso area.

    Live bait was best for the billfish and a variety of tuna trolling feathers, cedar plugs, and Rapalas were all working well for the yellowfin tuna.

    Live Bait Supply: Remains readily available for the caballito at the $3.00 per bait rate...Larry Edwards, Cortez Charters


    Fishing for Roosterfish is on right now in Cabo...Grant Hartman

    Mike Little and friends with some nice roosters and one huge Roosterfish just s hog Way to guys!
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