Larger dorado saunter in for tournaments

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    Baja Bytes Weekly Overview
    Friday, July 8, 2016
    Gary Graham

    Que Pasa


    The Blue Marlin World Cup in West Palm Beach, Florida, marked its 32nd anniversary with several important milestones in 2016 -- a record turnout and a giant marlin. A record fleet of 162 teams signed up to participate in the one-day, winner-take-all shootout that takes place each year on July 4, which also resulted in a record payout for the winners. And the marlin didn’t disappoint either, with the fourth-largest blue marlin in the event’s storied history, taking home first place honors!

    Mark Rideout from the United Kingdom had fished the World Cup in the past, but this would be his first year of competing aboard his own boat, a 33-foot Rodman named Blue Makaira. Rideout and his team selected the fish-rich waters of Madeira for their eight hours of fishing and were able to land a 983-pound blue marlin. Incredibly, this fish was the fourth-largest ever caught in the World Cup’s history, surpassed only by the three thousand-plus-pound “granders” caught in 2010, 2004 and 1993. In another notable twist, Blue Makaira’s Capt. Nuno was the deckhand on last year’s Blue Marlin World Cup winner, which was also caught out of Madeira. As a result of their win, Rideout and his team are now qualified to participate in the Offshore World Championship, slated for April, 2017 in Quepos, Costa Rica.

    And while there is only one winner in the World Cup, Blue Makaira was not entered in the optional Big Blue Challenge jackpot, which left a considerable amount of cash still up for grabs. That would be won by Stephanie Choate and her team on Reel Addiction with a 625-pound blue marlin. Choate and company fished out of Bermuda with Capt. “Curly” Cragin aboard his 48-foot Billy Holton charter boat. Choate won the Blue Marlin World Cup in 2014 with a 656-pound blue marlin she caught while fishing off Kona, Hawaii.

    This year’s Blue Marlin World Cup saw excellent international representation, with participating teams fishing in such far-flung destinations like Papua New Guinea, Fiji, Cameroon, the Seychelles, Mozambique, and Senegal as well as popular big marlin hot spots like Madeira, Cape Verde, the Azores, Bermuda, the Bahamas and the United States. There were 55 boats fishing out of Hawaii alone this year.

    Coronado Island

    Little activity recently as most boats are focusing on offshore action.



    Todos Santos continues to dazzle locals and visitors alike. …Coral Marine Store.

    Offshore the Ensenada fleet found big bluefin around the 475; there are yellowfin in the area as well. “It’s a lot of show and not so much go!” It didn’t sound like a huge volume of fish, but it’s a place to get away from the fleet. Try the poppers, kite, slow-trolled mackerel and surface iron on them. One of these days they will go stupid. Take a look along the chlorophyll break between the 475 Knuckle and the Upper Hidden Bank and also along the bottom edge of the break where the fish coming up the beach will pile up. Yellowtail are also reported on kelp’s. …

    San Quintín

    Fishing yellowtail with Reel Life Adventures out of San Quintin, along with my kids -- a big and fantastic group. …Julio Mesa
    The fish are scattered up the coast in 40- to 100-feet of water where breezers were chasing anchovy. …Captain Juan Cook

    Bahia de Los Angeles


    Excellent start to the week for all! We are already at 10 days of the tournament in Bay of Los Angeles this 15 and 16 of July.
    Ready their teams, good fishing!!
    More information at:


    First day: We caught some mid-sized yellowtail and some cabrilla (BTW it's very tasty!) Second day: Joel, Jr. took us to THE SPOT! Every fish we caught was a very good size -- biggest one was about 36 pounds; not as big as my 44-pounder from last year but still another great trip. Can't wait for next month's trip. …Lourdes

    (Note weather.)

    Wow, what a trip! By far the best trip down there ever … .
    Bait was easy to get the first day, little harder the next two days; fished with Enrique Daggett all three days and he put us on the fish! …Derek

    And for those of you wanting something to look at…

    Cedros Island


    All of our angler guests, either arriving on their own plane directly from the US, or through our regular scheduled flights from Ensenada, got lots of action thanks to our schedule of 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. outings, which surprisingly enough, you don't get elsewhere . . . and yes, there is such a thing as an afternoon bite! …Jose Angel

    Yellowtail are biting well on the lee of the island near Punta Norte. Threshers are still patrolling the lee of the island just outside of town. Calicos are biting all around the island. Red Crabs are still around along the South side of the island. Marlin sightings by the shipping boat yesterday coming from Tortuga Bay to the island…Jeff Mariani, Cedros Tackle

    Bahía Ascensión

    Shari Bondy

    La Bocana

    Report pending. …Juanchy Angular

    Punta Chivato



    Hi friends and anglers!
    Here is the recap of our 20th Bulls Only tournament at Punta Chivato:
    First Place: Theresa Cove of the Dos Luz, with a 21.3-pound bull with Captain Cove. She won $1,000.oo and a beautiful Ibarra Plate. It was her first fish ever.
    Second Place: Don Arnold of the El Sueno, with a 18.3-pound bull with Captain Mike Bowers. He pocketed $500.00 and a beautiful Ibarra plate.
    Third place: Rick Rhodes on the El Charro, with a 12.8-pound bull. Rick was the Captain and earned $250.00 and a beautiful Ibarra plate.
    Two other boats, Bob Snowden’s Triumph and Larry Deakyne’s Airdeak placed 4th and 5th, guaranteeing them an entry in the Loreto Tournament in August with a purse of $50 K.

    The Calcutta winners were:

    First Place: Dos Luz purchased by Harry Oxley, winning $1,058.00;

    Second Place: El Sueno purchased by Don Arnold, winning $756.00;

    Third Place: El Charro purchased by Bruce Lynn, winning $453.00;

    HAPC is always a winner, winning $881.00.
    With 18 boats and 51 anglers participating, the profit for HAPC was $11,000.00.

    We would like to express our appreciation to all the individuals and businesses that contributed to the success of the event.

    Pam Oxley


    Memories and the start of a "fishermen's identity" get started in Loreto when a youngster gets hooked on his first dorado, or any species of fish for that matter!

    Mark Hoffman strikes up a quick conversation with a husky jack at Monsarrat's "Las Galeras." Big roosters in shallow water seem to be here all year long. Forty-pound roosters are big fighters but we see their bigger brothers here, hundred pounds, maybe bigger!

    It looks like the annual June arrival of our favorite pelagic sea monsters is finally happening and it has been a terrifying wait. More correctly, it is the arrival of warm water close to town that has us spotting marlin just off Coronado Island.

    I guess the dorado and billfish have been here all along, it’s just that they were hiding in the warm water about thirty miles out over the horizon!

    One of our regular "LA" fishermen put it correctly that as soon as he gets on Sunday's return flight the fishing will bust wide open. (He wasn't complaining- he's the guy in the photo visiting with the 40-plus pound roosterfish caught at Monsarrat Island!)
    Wouldn't you know it, our Sunday trips spotted dorado and marlin at Carmen's Punta Lobo while bottom fishing. (They quickly responded to the situation and added a few dorado to the cabrilla and pinto bass in the ice box!)

    We have the “Fishing For The Mission” tournament in town this weekend so we will have a big sampling of what is going on in all the corners and highspots.

    Last week's biggest dorado of 17 pounds shouldn't be hard to beat this week.

    Our divers report the water temperatures are higher at the southern end of town and there are current lines holding foam, bubbles and all kinds of marina junk . . . and "cute little dorado."

    I hope this means that the dorado will still be here in December!! …Rick Hill, Pinchy Sportfishing

    La Paz


    Another good rooster day! Vanessa and husband, Philip Roost, from Lake Arthur, New Mexico, got three nice roosters and lost another while fishing with Captain Victor. Dr. Greg Miller from Oklahoma got two giant roosters the other day and followed up with two more big ones today! All fish were released. … Jonathan Roldan, Tailhunter International

    East Cape


    Dean and Lisa Lawver from Bozeman, Montana with a beautiful bull dorado.

    BIG DORADOOOO! We landed this 46-pound bull on the troll today while looking for blue marlin north of the hotel. We also missed two blues today in the late afternoon. These fish were hot and both shook the hook immediately. …Van Wormer Resorts

    Dorado Shootout. …Hotel Playa Del Sol, Los Barriles, B.C.S., Mexico


    A couple of wahoo and tuna were taken today on the new Rapalas. …Scorpion Sportfishing


    The fishing is finally getting back to normal all along the East Cape. It was a very good week with a broad spectrum of species biting aggressively. We saw lots of striped marlin with some big blues mixed in. The largest roosterfish of the year were released daily with 60-pounders not uncommon. Yellowfin tuna were biting both inside and outside. Smaller dorado, in good numbers, bode well for later in the season. Wahoo are coming in daily. The bottom fishing has been excellent with loads of both barred and dogtooth pargo and some big jacks being brought ashore. The last vestiges of El Niño are gone . . . adios! …Gary Barnes Webb

    Good fishing keeps happening here. Jaime Sandoval, Tracie Tirres, Adriana Gallardo and Jason Hummel, all from Austin, Texas, had a great day aboard Careleste with Captain Julio Cota. …Hotel Buena Vista Beach Resort

    San José del Cab0

    The tuna and AJ both hit on live caballito while drifting. …Kevin

    Bait situation remains much the same, caballito, moonfish and at times mullet, no smaller sardina reported from any local resources. Not many anglers using the slabs of squid now either, as there is more trolling starting to go on, as well as the option of jigging over the structure. Inshore action for jacks, roosterfish, snappers, pargo, cabrilla, amberjack, bonito and others, continue to be the more productive option for the local panga fleets.

    The better action being found from Cardon to Vinorama, often within one mile of shore, though water clarity and temperature has varied from day to day and this has affected the bite accordingly, also lots of sharks on these same grounds, on some days too many, spooky the more sought after species. Dogtooth snapper, amberjack and other snapper or cabrilla species were being accounted for daily, some fish up to 50-pounds though average catch was more in the 8 to 25-pound range. Yo-yo jigs were working best early in the day, then the more productive option seemed to be with bait, either drift fishing or slowly trolled on the surface.

    Not many dorado or wahoo being reported now, though yellowfin tuna are schooling on the grounds from Iman to Vinorama, with three or four miles of shore, scattered action while trolling hoochies and Rapalas, these tuna weighed in the 5 to 20-pound class, many charters accounted for 2,3 or 4 fish, some catching as many as ten. We also heard of some yellowfin tuna to over 200-pounds found some 30 miles offshore on the blue water temperature break outside of Cabo San Lucas, traveling with porpoise, though this was hit or miss and the numbers of fish landed were limited. Also a increased numbers of blue marlin being reported from these same waters further offshore, blues to over 300 lb. were landed, most of these were from larger Sportfishers. Striped marlin bite dropped off, though they are still are in the area and an occasional stray dorado is being reported as well, most of these fish being under 15-pounds…Eric Brictson, Gordo Banks Pangas

    Los Cabos

    Wow! We said the blue marlin were here and we sure weren’t kidding. The Tracy Ann released two blue marlin yesterday as if to prove our claims, right? They were estimated at around 280-pounds and 300-pounds off of the Cabrillo Sea Mount. Both fish were caught on lures – however, Captain Julio won’t release any more information than this. We’d like to congratulate the Tracy Ann’s crew, Julio and Martin, as well as anglers Blake, Joseph, Sarah and Scott. This just goes to show that you don’t need a big boat to catch the big fish! Tracy Ann is one of our 31-foot Bertrams.

    The Tracy Ann wasn’t the only boat to catch a blue marlin yesterday. Captain Tito on the Knot Workin did a great job as well; catching a 215-pound blue marlin as well as a striped marlin for the Vargo’s and the Ferguson’s from Alabama. Captain Tito was fishing about 20 miles from Land’s End, with both fish taking lures. …Pisces Sportfishing

    The billfish bite has fallen off this past week but in lieu of all stripers, we did have a couple of blue marlin landed that added a little spice to the week's catching effort. Both fish were taken right out in front of Cabo about three miles off shore and a little west of the Finistera Hotel in the afternoon. Not to be outdone with bigger fish, the Gaviota IV, skippered by Captain Octavio Castillo, landed a 232-pound yellowfin tuna fishing in the 1150 Fathom spot area, by Angler David Java, Lake Havasu, Calif., using a purpura artificial lure.

    So, while the overall fishing was difficult for most of the boats, a few did find the prizes of the week -- the bigger fish.

    Cabo Climate: A couple of partly cloudy days followed by 5 days of clear sunshine and warm temperatures. Air temps averaged 89.66 during the days and 75 degrees at night with an average humidity level at 47.66%.

    Sea Conditions: Tropical surface breezes flowing mostly from the westerly direction and averaging 13.33 mph for the past week during the mid-days. Most mornings were near calm departing the Marinas. Sea temps from the Golden Gate and southerly, across the Jaime Bank and the 1,000 fathom curve, all at 78 to 79 degrees. Cabo and out to the 95 and 1150 Fathom Spots at 73 to 74 degrees. Gorda Banks at 75. North of the Gorda Banks to Los Frailes all at 78 to 81 degrees.

    Best Lure/Bait: All three of the bigger fish were chasing the artificial lures and the two blue marlin actually bit caballito that were dropped back to the billfish. The big tuna caught up to and ate the lure. So, live bait was best, albeit, the lures were of great importance in the catching efforts.

    Best Fishing Area: The 1150 was best for the bigger tuna and about three miles south and a little west of the Finistera Hotel for the blue marlin.

    Live Bait Supply: A good live bait week at the $3.00 per bait rate. …Cortez Charters, Larry Edwards
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    AWESOME Report and pics Gary, man that Marlin is a BEAST! LOL
    That 46lb Bull Dorado a good one too!

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