Lake Mohave trout stocking = big striper


3# carp VS 40# striper
Nov 10, 2005
Vegas Baby!
18' Crestliner Superhawk, 14' Tracker "Fish Git' RRR"
NDOW stocked trout at Lake Mohave last Thursday so I decided to take my son out for some big striper hunting. We arrived at Cottonwood Cove at o'dark:30 early Saturday morning and proceeded to cast lures the next few hours for nothing. I got a few hours of sleep and hit it again at grey light with one roll, but no taker... Got tired of casting so we threw out a couple of trolling rigs and an assortment of lures with no success, time to head up to Aztec and Placer coves.

Plunked lures and trolled for a few hours with no success so we beached the boat, did some hiking and cooked up dinner. A hot meal was just the ticket to get us back in fishing mode so we headed over to a stocking location and trolled/chucked lures for a few hours,,, with no success again. My son was taking the skunking well and I reassured him that if we hooked into a fish that would eat a 14" lure it would be well worth the effort. We found a nice cove to anchor down and called it a night.

At 5:00 Sunday morning I was woke up by waves rocking and slapping the boat as the weather turned from blue-bird skies and glassy water to a nice breeze and choppy water,,, GAME ON! We stowed our gear, pulled out the rods and pointed the boat back to the place we left the previous night. Third cast of the morning as I'm dead-sticking the lure, WHAM! Rod goes bendo and the fight is on, son,,, grab the gaff! At 20 yards out my son is telling me it's a big one and as I get it boat side I can see it is a big one. After a little wrestling to get a good gaff shot the pig is in the boat. About 1 minute was spent throwing the fish in the cooler and icing her down, then it was back to casting until the wind and choppy water died down an hour later. We had our fish, time to head home. Weighed the striper at Cottonwood Cove Marina and it went 30#, 12 oz!

Go get um guys!

(no pics yet, forgot dig camera but got cheesy Polaroid from the marina, I'll see about getting it posted later)