Lahaina Harbor, Maui Hawaii 3/13/09


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Dec 9, 2008
Lahaina, Hawaii, USA
Start Me Up Sportfishing
Here’s more of the February catch.

Nice Gamble aboard the Action Mr. Gamble! A 429.8 pound Blue Marlin took an 8 lb. skipjack tuna baited on an 11/0 hook while out on the drift past JJ buoy. During the 20 minute battle it tail walked as it surfaced a few times. But at last it was in the boat. The trip also brought in 18 Yellow Fin tunas and 2 Mahi-Mahi. Now that was a Gamble that paid off great odds.

I didn’t let it GET AWAY!!!!

Rick and Mandy McNew caught this Mahi-Mahi on the Start Me Up ‘CUZ. They were trolling in front of Lahaina Town.

Karen and Jerry Fultz got this one also on the ‘Cuz on the way home.

They are diving down again, look out Gang!!

Family Fish Fry Time!!

John and Blake Berry join us aboard the Action and got this 47 lb. Bull Mahi along with a 28 pounder.

Allen Eggemeyer and Paul Itterman grabbed a couple of Mahi’s aboard the Start Me Up La Dat.

This One brought me to my knees.

Eric and Tom Tepmillen, Jon Mc Donald, Roger Boisvert, Mike Cole, and Norm Chou had a fantastic day out with the boys aboard the Start Me Up Action.

Nice 32 lb. Mahi-Mahi caught by Jim Lowe.

Andy Larew gets Tuna for dinner tonight.

Hey great job on this Mahi for Eric Seasholtz

That’s My Boy.

Great job Brenda Dittel on this Mahi.

Matt Bilbey got these Mahi aboard the ‘CUZ.

Matt Leavitt and David Leavitt along with Clifton Olason joined Capt. P.Rick and Jukka aboard the “Action” for 7 Mahi Mahi’s.
Nice Bull Mahi. Bully 4 U Bully 4 Me…

A 2 Mahi day for Carrol Betz, Rick and Joe Doblar, and Bob and Kathy Haynes.

Shaka from Cody Thurman for his 24 lb. Mahi.

Oh Baby was Tuna Time for Jon Savino, Steve Solie, Josh Schouten, Hans Lund, Grant Cole and Renee Tuttle. This group brought in 29 Yellow Fin tunas. AWESOME!!!

Keep the head up Katie Burzinski. Nice Mahi-Mahi!

“Yellow Fin Tuna were everywhere we looked.” The words of Jimmy Jez, John Smereczniak, Jim Tugwell, Vic Lotorto,

The ACTION Boys did it again. Join by Brian Taylor, Jon Dystra, Peter Heavnor, Keith Beachy, and Mark Crawley.

Shashimi for dinner tonight. Action for the Bob Taylor Gang.

When Mike Danahay got his boys together he didn’t

Bloody Decks, Bloody Deckhand Jukka


“ACTION” is where the Tuna Fishing is Happening.

Keep it coming Brother.

Nice Sunrise fishing.

Buoy at sunrise. Maui Sport fishing at its finest.
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