La Paz, November 9-13


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Apr 27, 2011
Chula Vista, CA
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So I finally got a chance to go try LP, although it was a little cooler than I'd hope for. First time there, and unfortunately ended up going solo. If you read my pre-trip post, there were a few issues I had to over come, but over come I did! First was to find out how to freeze any fish I would catch. Someone suggested "any hotel I stay at would freeze my fish", which turned out to not be the case. Tailhunter was another option, but unfortunately for me, understandably they prefer not to take on solo people and do not pair up. They were willing to accommodate me, but I'd have to pay up for the double occupancy and the entire cost of a boat. Again, understandable, but wasn't going to work for me this trip. Managed to get in contact with Mosquito Fleet, which I found out operates out of La Concha Hotel. I was able to get on a panga with Bimini top with Conchito as my Captain, and trolled most of the day. Waters were relatively calm, some wind in the afternoon, and intermittent clouds overhead. Overall, decent conditions, but not much action. Was able to bring in a bunch of smaller size sierra and a single smaller dodo, although there were def plenty all around! There was no interest in the bait, so we just stayed on the troll. They cleaned, vacuum sealed and froze my fish as offered, until I was ready to fly out. I had wanted to fish two days, but with the waters cooler and the bite somewhat down, I opted out of the second day. I hit Yellowklr up for his $0.02 on bringing my own gear. I took his advise and brought my own reels, but used the panga's rods. I packed them in the ice chest, and had it sealed at the TJ & LP airports to keep them safe. I knew from others posts, you can't carry-on reels with spools of line. What I would do different next trip will be to bring a selection of trolling skirts (orange, blue & green color combinations), and maybe some light egg weights to help get my live bait down from the birds. Being the only boat fishing, it was hell with those damn birds! All in all, it was a decent experience, and I know what to expect next season!
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    Your a few weeks to late, My buddies were down their in mid October and they killed the Dumb Dumbs. At least you got your feet wet for your next adventure.
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