Inshore La Jolla slow day


Apr 5, 2011
san diego
Fish Taco
On the water at 6am at Mission Bay. 1/2 hour wait at bait barge. Seemed long for Thurs. We saw lots of bait on the way up to La Jolla. Saw tons of life Northwest of LJ. More birds were crashing crashing bait than I have seen in a while. Just like whack a mole. when you creep up they sink and pop up further away. We caught several mackerel in the area. I thinks they were pushing the anchovy up. I thought for sure there would be some other gamefish in the mix but could not find any. This activity went up to Del Mar. Probably saw hundreds of spinner dolphins and a pilot whale. Water was 73 degrees and blue. Conditions were great almost all day so we covered a lot of ground. We trolled for hours, Casted stickbaits, flyline drifted sardines. Sardines were 5-6" and stayed alive all day. And didn't catch squat. Back tight to LJ we got a couple sportcoats. And some short barracuda would follow stickbait but not bite. There is no kelp bed in LJ either. We checked out the kelp at Point Loma throwing stick baits for 3 more bass on the way in. Very few boats inside today and now I know why. I wish I had a bigger boat to go outside after those BFT. Not a very exiting report but that's the way it is. With the conditions as they are, I would have thought fishing to be much better. Hope you have better luck than us...
Jul 26, 2015
san diego
What happened to the kelp beds around La Jolla? They seem to have disappeared for the most part. I have been fishing La Jolla as well lately and concur with your report.
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