Inshore La Jolla 4/17/20


  • Aug 12, 2020
    San Diego
    Little Marange
    Quick report since the fishing was pretty much just that - not much catching at all.

    Launched out of Dana Landing around 6:00/6:30 am and grabbed the lightest half scoop of bait we've seen that was pretty slow to begin with. Headed to La Jolla in hopes for some YT with the plan to fall back on some rock fishing to keep the freezer full. Metered tons of life and even more bait. Moved around a bunch hoping to get lucky on something. After no luck with yellows we focused a little more on rock fish. We didn't have much luck with that either, even hit our honey hole that usually produces practically on a bare hook. Ended the day with one salmon grouper, one keeper ling (first in La Jolla) and one ling released. Back on the trailer by 1:00 so maybe there was an afternoon bite we missed but it seemed pretty quite out there. The water was around 63.5 and pretty clean.

    As some other members have mentioned, I think there is just too much bait. We chased two huge feeding frenzies only to find dolphins on both and watched another 2-3 go off in the distance through out the day. It was fun to see the dolphins work the bait, never seen such a tight bait ball, but not exactly what we set out to do. Hopefully things pick up soon.