Inshore La Jolla 4/1

tuff guy

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  • Mar 31, 2013
    San Diego, CA
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    Hit la Jolla this morning around 830 to 1. Went up by the 32 and caught a monster rockfish. I think it was a starry. Then it went pretty flat, I think using my 6oz lead made it hard to get to the bottom fast enough to stay on the spot.

    Hightailed it over to the 60 fathom curve area and saw a pod of thousands of dolphins which was pretty cook. They would ride the bow wake of the boat for a while. Ended up on my spot in the area not far off a sportboat, managed 5 more smaller rockfish and 4 sanddabs. I always seem to hit sanddabs there, so if you are looking for em, head there.

    All in all, not a Stellar rockfishing day, but I'll take it.