La Jolla 3/12 with the diawa sk lure

tuff guy

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  • Mar 31, 2013
    San Diego, CA
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    Decent weather despite the reports of possible T-storms. Decided to forgo the squid and try out some of the Diawa SK lures for rockfish. We tried a few lures from 160 to 250 grams, silver and glow, red and gold, blue and gold, blue and white. All in all mixed results, color didn’t seem to matter much. The lures definitely kept the small ones off, 2 anglers only caught 3 rockfish but they were all pretty good sized. 1 Boccaccio, a starry and a vermillion. The lures also got hit by greenback Mack and even a petrale sole believe it or not.

    We hit the 32 spot, 270, widow rock and a spot off the 60 fathom curve. The 60 fathom produced the best.
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