LA Gang Shark Killers Catatonic Immobility Vid

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    Wanted to share for anyone that does not know there is a pod of killer whales indigenous to the north eastern pacific that preys on sharks includein White sharks.

    Orcas are smart and when the have attacked whites near the farallones all the white sharks split to Guadalupe.

    I know White & Orcas can travel at close to the same speed but unless a Mako or Salmon shark was being stupid i really do not belive they would become victims.

    Any thoughts or opinions ?

    If you saw the great white expedition you would have seen the massive white on it's side that was breathing but in a catatonic state, once they brought it back up on the lift and rolled it up right and lowered it back down it took off right away.

    Maybe just me but seems like really cool stuff and if there are Orcas in an area where you are sharking watch out.

    Saw them just north of santa barbara island after a good feast dagnabit i missed the show lol.

    I saw alot of 6-7' dorsals and steered clear but would still fight one if they would chew and it was legal lol

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