LA Bay weather and Fush

michael e. bingham

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May 26, 2015
Pura Vida
Boat Name
Pura Vida 30' Custom Panga
Just got back from my house at LA Bay and fishing and the weather was awesome, I got back on the 18th after a full week of fishing, the yellows are working micro bait 42 miles from the boat ramp north end of the big island , lots of birds and bait ,, all fish caught on surface irons Tady 45 mint ,Oct 10 white, beautiful size fish 22 to 28 lbs and no pressure , most boats are fishing Cabrias or bottom fish , water temp in the bay is 69 degrees and where we were fishing 65 '5 , a little wind I. The morning for the crossing and glass on the way home , Lots of bait in the bay and channel, I'm hoping to head back down June 8th or 9th
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