Kona July 11/13th

Discussion in 'Hawaii Fishing Reports' started by mma, Jul 16, 2018.

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    My family was in Kona for the 7-14th. My son, who hardly ever fishes, was interested
    this year, so I splurged on the EZ Pickens (what a lovely, comfortable ride). We had two brief hook ups,
    but not luck till ~ 200lb blue hit the stinger (got all 3 bites) about 2 pm. Allya, my daughter was up
    in the chair , and 30 minutes later, had a nice tag/release. She is just 14, and this was her 3rd (and smallest) blue.
    Friday the 13th, I was by myself with Captain Jah/mate Stu on the High Noon. We are al big MMA fans,
    so good conversation. And the fishing was fantastic: 3 tag and released blues, plus a chucker. We also had
    a huge ahi boil, and two other blues that did not stay attached long. The High Noon is a great fish attractor.
    Perfect end to a fun week.
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    Nice, action packed fishing trips
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    Captain Jah and crew is good people....they seem to spend a lot of days on the water and it pays off....they hook up a lot. When I go out....I always try to keep an eye out on which way they headed.

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