Kona Fishing Charters in July - Kid Friendly


Jan 15, 2007
san diego
wish i had one
I'm looking for some recommendation's on fishing charters in the Kona area for mid July (13th, 14th). I'll have my 5 & 6 year old with me. While I would love to get myself some nice Tuna, I don't know if my kids would love trolling around all day. I don't like trolling all day either, which sounds like the main way boats in Kona catch pelagics? So I was thinking of mainly doing some bottom fishing with them, as I think that would increase the chances of just getting hooked up on something. My kids just want to catch something. However I spoke with one captain in Kona who said there are not too many boats that will take you for bottom fishing. I didn't ask why, but was guessing because they can't sell bottom fish. Since if I'm paying for a full day, why would it matter what type of fishing you do.
Also, flexibility on the departure time would be good. Again, if I pay for a full day, I would think it would not matter too much what time we leave?

Anyhow, just seeing if I could get any kid friendly boat recommendations based on what i noted above? Thanks!
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