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Seeking Kodak Moments
  • May 17, 2011
    Shelton, WA Mason
    Greg Eastman
    Kodak II - Arima SL 22
    Buddy Mike joined me for another scouting trip- trying to find a couple halibut and a location to take the family Sunday.
    Took the boat over Weds about 5 and launched then set up the truck camper. There were only about 25 boat trailers in the parking area. Up at 4 and at the boat a little after 5 to witness a steady stream of boats waiting to launch- I don't sleep well on these trips and I heard Lots of trucks coming in. NOte to self: don't park next to the dock waiting line. ( the parking area was jammed full when we got back in )

    Bar crossing was OK but outside was wind wave city and 12-15 was needed most of the way to keep from getting pounded. I changed our destination from an area we didn't know and elected to go back where we got skunked our last trip. Rigging the gear was a challenge as you needed to hold onto something as the boat bobbed around so much. Snagged bottom but managed to back up enough into the wind to get it free and thought about going to a 3# weight to reduce the line angle. Stayed with 2# and on out second rather rapid drift the pole took a big bend which turned into some head shakes. I ended up increasing the drag a couple times and cranked most of the time as the Tanecom reel seamed to have difficulty. Finally got a 35# Hali up and had Mike hold the pole while I tried the harpoon and I hit the gill plate and did Not get good penetration.
    Arghh- regrouped and tried again but the brass broadhead shaped head was visible when it shouldn't be. OK third time was the charm and we had it gaffed also.

    We set up for another drift and Mike's rod bent with another fish. He looked at it thinking it might be too small but it was nearly as big as mine and he did the harpoon duties. Two in the boat and it's not 8 AM yet. Much better than our usual trips. We headed toward the dock and cleaned the fish then the Coast Guard came by and asked if we had time for them to do an inspection. Glad to and not faults- I was really glad they weren't out in the washing machine waters trying to board- much better tied to the dock!!

    Hoping for decent conditions for Sunday .........


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    Apr 9, 2019
    13' Gregor
    Nice! I’ll be out there on the Reel Electric next thursday, need to make up for lost time in the sound on my own boat.
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