King's River Upper 10/23 and Lower 10/24

Wade K in deep

  • Sep 24, 2019
    Mariposa, CA
    Wade Knupp
    Boat Name
    Kayak & Kickboat
    Saturday I hit the Kings between Boyden Cave and Grizzly Falls. Looked like it was going to rain off and on, but it didn't. BWO's or maybe Isonychia were coming off sporadically all day and I saw 4 little olive Stoneflies early on. Caught and released 6 that were decent size up to a 16" Brown in full spawning colors, as well as close to 30 dinks. #18-16 Mayflies caught by far the most. Size 12 Olive Stoneflies caught some of the bigger fish. Most of the biggest fish came Euro-nymphing with a #12 Perdigon style Pheasant Tail nymph with a #14 Prince Nymph or a #16 Pheasant tail above it. There was a sign warning that they were closing the road at Noon on Sunday for the storm. Flows have come up since my last report, but not much.
    Sunday, I hit the Lower Kings at Alta Weir, Winton Park, N. Riverside and a bit above Choinumni, all for nothing. I missed 3 strikes, all while deep nymphing under an indicator on long casts. I saw 1 stocker Brookie caught by a guy soaking Powerbait at Riverside. Probably saw 20 people fishing at various times.

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