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Aug 11, 2005
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Don't blame albacore bite on sports fishing. The fish just migrated north. People in Washington/Oregon has been getting very good bites for years. There is even a show called "Battlefish" on the albacore bite. It is probably due to the water temperature since its colder up north and warmer down south.

I don't see people in Southern California complain about the bluefins that has stayed around for the past few years. Prior to the El Nino, having such a hot bluefin bite in local waters was not common. The waves of yellowtail coming up from down south each year has been awesome.

If you have been around long enough, you will see these fishing cycles. The pelagic red crab "invasion" has created a new source of food for local fisheries. The local fish has been gorging on them. The rock fish population has exploded and the fish counts reflect that change. If you look further back, the anchovy and sardine population has also changed. All these changes in bait stock has a much larger affect on fishing counts than sports fishing. The pelagic fish basically follows the food. There are lot of factors that affect the baitfish population and it usually starts with the food cycle. Nutrients come from the deep parts of the ocean, krill and other plankton feeds on these nutrients. The bait fish feeds on the krill/plankton and larger fish feeds on these bait fish.

Nobody really knows the real reason for these cycles so STFU and just go fishing. If you want to blame something, just blame it on the BS term, "climate change". You know why? Because F-ing climate always change. It was hot as hell yesterday and today its cloudy. Its due to climate change.
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Aug 5, 2003
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Negative on both of those two.There aren't more of them,there are more people targeting them.
OK - guess I need to clarify. Yes there are more people targeting them but I'm talking about the fish swimming - not the catch.

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BFT - Bigger biomass since at least the 1940s.

Wahoo - 2017 season more fish than ever recorded.