Kids first Yellow!!! Tough Sweet Day @ Cat



Aug 3, 2009
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Short version: Pics say it All!!!;):jig:

Long: well I met a new friend last year, on the TopGun80, and we stayed in touch....I "coached" him on the fon for a few trips to the islands but they never connected to any "game fish". So I felt "pressure" to put some on board after owning my own boat last 12 yrs and fishing saltwater since 1982 (I'm not that Old, just started young:)). The plan was to head to Cat and find our own and put his 8 yr old (and the boat) on some Yellows! We all heard for the last few weeks..."find your own, w clean water and some current"... great 'dines fr Ronnie @ SP bait dock, thx. Started at Empire, few boats, no current, no biters...headed East...little shallow spot I like to ck for Flatties...the current had us drifting out to the point and following the island, sweet! Calico's on the chew w some cuda thrown in! We did a 2nd drift for the same bites and decided to "set up" off the point and down goes the anchor! Ryan hooked "the right kind" on bait and so began the short fight....we lost! Once the fish knew he was hooked, he went straight fr 80 ft into the island, to about 6 ft and busted us off on some rocks!!!:shithappens:....I'm sure the fish was laughing!:rofl:....Yellowtail, just the smartest, meanest fish once hooked, period. Well, we hooked one, but 0 for 1. Meanwhile, Eric, the 8 yr old was having fun w the perch n bass on his little "whopper stopper" w squid strips! Now I really feel the pressure cause we are 0 for 1 and I "really" want to put them on "the board"!!! So we head East... past the "you're going to get a ticket for fishing here" zone:cool:
Fished white rock for a few bass then headed down 1/2 mile.....saw the Freelance and Native, mostly moving not catching....then as we idled down, we saw a CC gaff a fish, like in 30 or 40 ft of water......ok maybe they're biting!? we set up down the island a bit and re set once, just a little deeper I thought........bass n cuda again, such a pain to keep "re tying" after every cuda messes up your line, but it's a must!!!...after an hour or so, we were mostly throwing plastics and jigs now...Ryan decides to put on a warbaits swim head w a spinner on it.......and it gets "inhaled" by the right kind!!! small bass rod w a small Tranx I think.....we run around the boat several times and I gaff it!!! phew....on the board and Stoked!!! :cheers: Fireball shots all around sans the 8 yr old, he didn't want to try it :shake: lol. Then the whopper stopper rod goes off w a massive boil on our dine and Ryan reels that one in w assistance fr the kid!!! 2 on board, Stoked!!! :lux:........I get one to make a mistake on the "red crab" bait (charkbait brand) and beyond stoked to get one on the artificial w my 9' rainshadow and lexa 400!!!:ele:. Its later afternoon now and we mention to Eric, hey bud, Everyone has to Eat the heart of the first game fish they catch!!! Dad did it on his first yellow and first tuna!!! .....well ???....he walked up to the bow and started crying....he doesn't want to...barf... "come on man, its no big deal, just take a bite and you can spit it out"......we're trying to coax him into it......"listen bud, if you're gonna fish for the rest of your life out here, you have to stick to all the "traditions"....o_O ck the pic below :appl::cheers:
so there you have it......."popped the cherry" on the ProLine for game fish and now have to ck off "tuna" for the boat....stay tuned....
Stoked to get 3 for the day, lft the island at 5pm (woke up 330am)....and high spirits all around!!! :jig::hali_olutta::cheers:...until next time, thx to Ryan and Eric for taking me fishing, can't wait to go again......tight lines all.... Capt JT
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It just doesn't get any better than that, like eating out of your own garden.
Lead, follow, or get the F outta the way, dislike followers.
Great job Justin!
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