Key West Charter Recommendations


Jun 10, 2020
Austin, TX
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Will be going to Key West for the first time in late August. I haven't figured out where we're staying, but we'll be renting a car and are open to driving around.

I'd like to do a full day fishing for 2 people, but I haven't decided on what exactly to target. I'm leaning towards tarpon, permit or bone fish, but I'm not ruling out snapper, grouper, mahi, or other good eating fish. From what I've researched, it looks like Tarpon is not peak in August, which could sway my decision.

First, would love to hear general tips or recommendations for people that have done fishing in the Key West islands and stayed there awhile.

Second, would like some recommendations for charters by type of trip/fish.
  1. Flats & Back Country: Tarpon & Permit
  2. Reef/Wrecks: Snapper, Permit, Cobia, Kings
  3. Offshore: Mahi, Billfish, & whatever else fun that's biting late August
Maybe throw hog fish in there. Heard those are good eatin'...

PS - not sure I categorized those fish by the right ecosystem. Still researching how it's done in South FL.
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