Kauai fishing mid March

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    Hi folks,

    Headed to Kauai in March for 8 days. I've been several times before and have been out on charters, never having much luck myself. Most were 1 fish days and I was never they guy on the rod when the fish bit. How it goes, but not interested in doing much more of that.

    Thinking about the following: either shore fishing with 8 wt fly rod or spin gear, or, if such a company exists on Kauai, going kayak fishing.

    I know Kona is the kayak hotspot, but I'd heard there was a growing community of fishermen on Kauai going out. I wanted to go fishing with Rob Yuen when I was in Kona last year, but he was all booked up. Are there any operators on Kauai now?

    Shore fishing- might pack along the fly rod or spinning gear. Not looking for places to go, so much as places to avoid, either because its considered local-only or due to dangerous conditions. Thanks

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