Just one bug last night, but got the skunk off!


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Jul 24, 2017
San Diego, Calif
Joseph Gratteau
Valco Westcoaster
Went out in SD bay last night around 3 pm, 4 sets, first one at 4:15 Pm, one around the point in the ocean, south of the reserve. Great weather, turned up the tunes and enjoyed it, 59 degree water, incoming tide which turned around about 8pm. Some smelt mixed in with the bait? Maybe 15 (Barely) short bugs, 1 nice legal. A couple of big 'ol crabs and a large octopus too. Harassed by 1 dog at the end of the night. Done by 8:30. No one at the ramp. Very nice evening, and considering my last 5 trips were for nothing, I will take the one! Sorry, no pics-nothing too spectacular.


I've posted enough I should edit this section
Feb 22, 2004
Escondido, CA
jeff meeker
26 Blackman Billfisher
We were out last night as well and it was extremely slow for us; only 8 shorts and finally a legal @ 11PM. From then until 2AM they crawled a lot better for us with another dozen shorts and 5 more keepers. Made me a Zombie today though didn't get too much done workwise. PM me when you think you're going again and maybe I can show you a couple of local spots.

Great Job on breaking the skunk! It can only get better!