June Ucluelet Family Trip


Nov 14, 2007
Vancouver British Columbia
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So some people have asked me if the island is open to guests. Well it is... hesitantly by the locals. As of June 1st the hotels and resorts opened to BC residents and as of June 16th I believe they were accepting reservations from outside BC. Nobody wants to see the USA boarder open this summer understandably. That means more availability and less guys out there fishing... and tons of fish! Only issue... DFO shut down the majority of Chinook fishing till July 15th again and extended the local chinook closure on the Straight of Georgia till September first. So we miss out on the amazing fraser summer run chinook fishing we had last august unfortunately.

Well I was out last week with the family Wednesday till Friday at Ucluelet. We rented a cabin. Launched and moored at Island West resort where their campsite and hotel is closed till August the lady running the show told me.

Took me most of Wednesday to figure things out and hooked three small chinook and one decent one by my daughter before she got sea sick, then the baby tossed her cookies so we headed in. Roasted a rockfish over the fire which was excellent. Went to bed and got the kids up as early as possible like 6am. Got out to the spot and the ocean was alive with coho everywhere, humpback whales and bait schools like I haven't seen, turning the surface black. The coho action was crazy. Got our limit of 8 in no time and lost a few. Released some more trying for chinook. Ended up with two decent chinook as well. Day three first thing in am tried south bank for halibut. All I caught was a giant pacific octopus and*a ling cod so headed back in for salmon before*the kids woke up on the boat and got sick from the swell. The coho had moved outside of the*sound and I drove through them headed back into the sound. They were jumping like*crazy again and probably could have caught a bunch but two swelly for the kids. Trolling*for chinook was crazy with tons of sublegals double*headers. Must have released 20 before got the first legal. Then it calmed down a bit and headed to a more exposed area after most of the boats took off. First pass double header for my daughters and both landed. Make another circle and wife hooks up on a nice*fish around 20. As soon as it is netted and kick motor back into gear the second rod still down goes off. Then third circle my middle daughter hooks up for our 8th fish and we were limitted. It was insane with humpbacks surfacing scooping bait right near where we hammered the chinooks. I tried for lings and rockfish a bit but slower than usual for me. Couldn't find any good schools of black rockfish and all the lings we got were too small. Hot ticket was the green and silver skinny g and Koho killer. Once I put those on I didn't take them off and they just*kept catching fish.

So that's what is happening on the west coast for any of you salt addicts like me.

Made Some videos with my kids out there. Had a Great time.

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