June surprises promise a hot July

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    Que Pasa


    The Stars and Stripes Tournament is one of the largest charity events of its kind in the world … literally helping thousands of children’s charities on both sides of the border over the past 21 years. The largest yellowfin tuna of the week was taken aboard Fish Cabo out of Cabo San Lucas on Friday, the first day of the two-day event which raised millions of dollars for children.


    Baja Norte
    Coronado Islands

    There are yellowtail at the Islands but many are struggling to catch them. Some are being found along the weather side of North Island as well but the best volume is probably from the Middle Grounds to the Gun Site area.

    The water to the south of the Islands has turned cold with not many yellowtail or barracuda right now. Best shot at catching the ‘cuda is on the Middle Grounds and the Ribbon Kelp area.
    There are some 2- to 6-pound class bonito roaming around as well. The biggest volume of bonito appears to be along the weather side of North Islandfishdope.com

    Tijuana Bull Ring

    Sandbass are beginning to show on the Flats like they did years ago.
    Anglers are also catching a few big halibut. The bass are biting on the plastics, the hook up baits are hot, and being caught on the fresh dead squid. They are also biting the anchovy and the sardine.
    As for the plastics, the lime green color is best for sand bass but the anchovy and the red crab colors are also working.…fishdope.com

    US/MEX Border / 302 / 226 / South 9 Mile Bank

    This zone remains the top choice for most who are out chasing the tuna.
    The boats continue to see plenty of bluefin and yellowfin, though getting them to bite is the problem.
    The bluefin seem to be in two distinct size groups: the 20- to 30-pound units and the 100- to 200-pounders with not much of anything in between.
    The smaller fish are very tough to get to bite but when they do it is mostly on the 20- to 25-pound fluorocarbon with a tiny #2 hook.
    Lesser numbers are jumping on the Flat-Fall jigs.
    The BIG bluefin are biting on the yummie flyer and the double-trouble rig as well.
    The yellowfin are mostly in small schools of 10 to 15 fish, running in the 18-to 39-pound class.
    The yellowfin are running with the dolphin, and are being seen busting on micro bait. They are beginning to show interest in the troll jigs … black/green and zucchini colored feathers along with the Cedar Plug and the Halco 130’s.
    There are some big kelp around but it appears that most, if not all are empty. Of course this can change overnight so it still pays to check them out…fishdope.com



    Ensenada hits rock bottom with good results…Sammy Susarrey Sportfishing Ensenada

    San Quintin

    While the rest of the southwest was baking, down south in San Quintin, the Mako Bob Kayak Halibut Tournament was held in tough conditions, with a coolish stiff wind opposing an in-surging tide. The best fishing for lenguado in Bahia San Quintin is in the relatively narrow bay mouth, or La Boca, just of Punta Azufre. The channel there can hold halibut up to and over 48 inches (my personal best), though on a big tide swing and especially with a driving wind it is practically impossible to fish. The bay is broad and shallow, with many false bays small and large that are high and dry on any minus tide. A main channel runs the length of the bay, with smaller tributaries leading in from the tidal flats on either side — the continuation of sloughs, if you will. Bahia San Quintin seems to lose nearly half its surface area on a minus tide due to the several square miles of littoral, or intertidal areas.

    To complicate issues for the kayak anglers, the launch at the point was mostly inaccessible due to the road being flooded, nearly four miles of it, on the 6.9-foot high the evening previous to tournament day. Still, a few folks figured out a spot to launch, how to pin up or deal with the surge, and managed some eligible fish before the wind just got to be too much. Friend Ross Zoerhof persevered in the conditions and won the event with a nice 27-inch fish from the channel edge, his largest of three caught by 10am, when, as avid kayak angler and Bahia Asunción resident said, "It just got too tough.” When a kayak angler living in Baja (on either coast) says it’s too tough, it’s too tough. Considered a small fish by San Quintin measures, it was an amazing feat in surging current and windblown whitecaps in the shadows of the volcanoes of San Quintin…Daniel Powell


    Cedros Island

    Yellowtail, white seabass, and calico bass are biting at the Island right now. Calico bass fishing is best in the kelp at Punta Norte and along the Southwest end of the Island.

    Yellowtail and white seabass are being found around the large baitballs near the airport.

    Great weather down here all week. Water is clean. …Cedros Tackle

    Bahía de Los Ángeles

    Short report: Fished five days … windy two days, three days no wind. Plenty of fish – yellowtail, grouper and totoaba – all released; trigger fish, bass and hammerhead. Whale sharks next to the boat launch was a bonus.

    Bahia Ascension


    Here is the first yellowtail caught on our sportfishing panga this season! Wooo hooo … bring it on! Our guest here at La Bufadora Inn, Les “Chivito” said he was going to open up the season and he did. …Shari Bondy

    La Bocana


    So come temperatures, my friends. …Juanchys Aguliar


    The dorado bite slipped out of sight while most fishermen were celebrating Father’s Day this past Sunday! Gang busters on Saturday and nobody out on Sunday!
    The big fish being caught this week are yellowtail and an assortment of marlin. So far the sailfish aren’t in the catch counts and they normally are thick with the strippers and the dodos!
    Lots of looking and trolling for dorado with very spotty luck.


    On Friday, Juve Orozco took a client up north to check out the pargo spots between San Basilio and Punta Colorado. They managed a medium and a small pargo for their efforts.While cruising past the bay at “Mangle” they spotted birds and big fish trashing bait schools of 4-inch sardina in 4-feet of water. No call on the identities of the attackers but my guess would be dorado or roosterfish.
    This spot is a super rooster spot but there was a “huge” raft of sargasso just outside the bay!
    Our divers are reporting that the water is clearing up, but it’s still a little cold … 72-75 on the surface but down in the low 60s at 40 feet…Rick Hill, Pinchy Sportfishing

    La Paz

    A “Mexican Minute” fish report…Jonathan Roldan, Tailhunter International

    East Cape

    Jack on the beach in front of…Van Wormer Resorts


    Rancho Leonero anglers have enjoyed a remarkable ,wide open bite for three straight weeks. Early in the week, with the influx of colder green water, fishing for tuna and wahoo slowed. However, striped marlin and dorado are still biting and the gallos have been huge and plentiful. When this cooler water from the south flushes out, the fishing will definitely get back on track … you got our word on it…John Ireland


    The Fred Hall crew does Rancho Leonero



    Because a smile says it all, you can tell Scott Bohrer, Jim Rodems, Bill Bohrer and Derek Mckee had an awesome day fishing. …Felipe Valdez

    Puerto Los Cabos

    The official start to summer season began this week, though at this time the climate feels cooler than you would normally expect with high temperatures averaging in the mid- to upper-80s. The conditions for this entire past week were dominated by persistent, swirling southern winds, gusting to 30 mph at times. These relentless winds have turned over the ocean conditions entirely; the week before, we saw ocean temperatures reaching up to 80 degrees in the direction of San Jose del Cabo and farther north. Presently water temperatures in this same region are in the 69- to 70-degree range, all the way to Punta Colorado and some fifteen miles or more offshore.
    So, sportfishing fleets have been searching hard, with only so many options available. The conditions on land actually felt pleasant, agreeable temperatures, though until these wind patterns settle down, we will be plagued by cooler water conditions from the Pacific, as well as currents being greenish for the first few miles out; eventually things will rebound, but for now it is a waiting game and mainly fishing closer to shore for what fish species might be cooperative. Bait supplies consisted of mullet and caballito. Surf conditions increased some and this made it more challenging for the bait netters to find mullet, though caballito were being netted inside the marina channel where it was calmer.
    With ocean water temperatures progressively cooler all week, and moving farther offshore, the all-around action became more limited. Earlier in the week there were fair numbers of roosterfish found by trolling baits along the shoreline; some roosters to 50 pounds were reported along with jack crevalle and a handful of sierra. A few dogtooth snapper to 20 pounds were landed, as well as various structure species, island jack, pompano, yellow snapper, huachinango, leopard grouper, broomtail grouper, amberjack, bonito and triggerfish. No huge numbers, but decent variety and all quality eating fish. As the week went on, the bite fell off, cooler water shut down the roosterfish, and choppy conditions made it tough to even try and fish the bottom structure.

    A few yellowfin tuna to fifty pounds were landed … these around the grounds from Iman to San Luis Banks, on yo-yo jigs or various baitfish. Also a limited number of dorado were taken earlier in the week before the water temperature cooled. A few wahoo strikes were reported as well, so these pelagic gamefish are still in the area and as conditions recover the action should turn back around. These weather patterns are becoming even more unpredictable and can be discouraging, but will recover. It’s just very unfortunate for anglers who arrived during this time frame…Eric Brictson, Gordo Banks Pangas,

    Cabo San Lucas

    Happy anglers Chris Flowerday, Paula Gorensen, Ron Smith and Sandra Johnson from Springfield, Ore., and their three-man crew aboard the Pisces Ruthless with their 45-pound wahoo and 12-pound dorado.

    Our week started off with most boats catching fish, and then tapered off until most boats were skunked on the 23rd … unfortunately, the same day as the start of the annual Stars and Striped charity tournament. Boats traveled high and low this week in search of fish, with a range of places being productive. The most consistent inshore catches were around el Tule on the Corridor, with roosterfish, triggerfish, jack crevalle, skipjack, yellowtail, amberjack, pompano, red snapper and green jacks being seen. Offshore fishing was spread out from the Old Lighthouse to Punta Gorda in San Jose and in some cases many miles offshore…Pisces Sportfishing

    Sooner or later, the marlin are going to bite! The fleets have been baiting many billfish every day but are unable to get the marlin to bite the bait, even when there are multiple fish available. It has been like this for many days now and everyone is just sitting back and waiting for the big bite to take off. For now, however, they are there in big numbers but are overly stubborn about biting.
    Cabo Climate: A mostly sunny and warm week in Cabo San Lucas, with daytime temps averaging near 89 degrees and nights near 83. Humidity ratio averaged 70%. Sunday was a partly cloudy day but the remainder of the week was clear and sunny.

    Sea Conditions: The tropical surface breezes are flowing from the westerly direction and averaged about 16 mph. However, the Sea of Cortez side was mostly blocked by the mountain ridges which allowed for calmer waters throughout the Sea of Cortez. Water temps on the Pacific side were coolish and varied from 67 to 69 degrees from the Finger Bank to Cabo San Lucas and then changed from Chileno Bay to Los Frailes from 74 to 76 degrees.

    Best Fishing Area: All four billfish caught and released came from the 1150 Fathom Spot and many, many billfish were being baited over and again but were unwilling to bite. The roosterfish bite remained in the Chileno to Palmilla Point area and they were real trophy-sized roosters.

    Best Bait-Lure: Live bait was the best by far for both billfish and roosterfish.

    Live Bait Supply: Remained plentiful at the $3.00 per bait rate, paid direct to the bait vendor at time of receipt…Larry Edwards, Cortez Charters.

    Hope the Great inshore fishing continues right into July…Grant Hartman
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