June Lake Loop report- 2 Weeks Late

Oct 6, 2007
18' 4Winns - traded for plumbing work
Got up there (Silver Lake) Thursday 10/1 and was greeted with wind and rain, pretty much un-fishable for most of the day, did get a tiny twilight break from the wind, but no fish from the shore. I fished Silver on friday, 8a - 4p on a boat, C & R'd 13 trout, 6 on pink/white mouse tails and 7 on night crawlers. All were healthy "cookie cutters" 12 - 14". Not even a bump on Power Bait or Lures(casting and trolling). The "back" 1/3 of Lake and around the edges can be un-fishable due to massive amounts of weed growth. My buddies fished Walker and did real well, big stringer was probably 12-14 lb, with a close to 4lb'r topping it off. They said everything was working there! Friday, we drove to back side (south side) of Grant and shore fished. Slow, but steady most of the day. We all had limits, plus C & R'd a bunch. These fish were 13-15", but all had "shoulders". Fun day, and the wind did come up, but tolerable. This was power bait bite primarily, no one color/flavor really standing out. Caught a couple w/ nightcrawler under bubble when calm. Good way to end season- Oh, things may have changed, but the trees were just slightly changing color- may be perfect about now up there for photo's! Did not fish June or Gull this time.