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Dec 9, 2008
Lahaina, Hawaii, USA
Start Me Up Sportfishing
Aloha from Lahaina Harbor, Maui, Hawaii. The fishing has been pretty consistent with a variety of different fish coming in. For example, this fishing report features blue marlin, striped marlin, shortbill spearfish, ahi, mahi, ono, and shark. Questions about the fishing can be directed towards Deli in Start Me Up’s Lahaina Harbor booth at 808-667-7879 between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. Hawaii Time. An alternative is to email [email protected]. This fishing report contains some of Start Me Up’s anglers and their catch up until June 21.

Mike and James Grayson’s adventure started when they decided to go fishing while they were on Maui. The adventure really got interesting when Mike and James hooked a 592 lb. blue marlin that jumped all over the ocean after feeling the hooks. James originally jumped into the fighting chair but decided to let his son battle the fish after seeing the marlin’s amazing display of power. Mike secured his outstanding catch after a short 25 minute fight. In accordance with Start Me Up’s policy for fish over 500 lbs., Mike’s trip was free and Start Me Up made a 300 dollar donation to a local charity, which in this case was Women Helping Women. Congratulations to Mike on a spectacular catch.

This ono struck on a short morning trip. Steven Stevens was on the reel immediately after the bite and did everything he could to get the ono to the boat.

Ben and Sheila Grannan have fished with Start Me Up before and enjoyed their time on the water. This time Ben and Sheila even had a couple of mahis to show for their time spent on the Pacific.

Jerry Smith tagged and released an estimated 50 lb. striped marlin while fishing the Kealaikahiki Channel between Lanai and Kahoolawe. Catching the striped marlin was an exciting experience for Jerry and his sons, who had never previously fished in Hawaii.

JP Booth went out fishing and returned to Lahaina Harbor with a shibi and a big fish story. A big blue marlin ate the 14 inch lure running in the short corner position. After a long initial run and 35 minutes of fighting to slowly gain back the line, the gigantic single hook came out of the fish. Such a situation is really not that uncommon when fishing for marlin.

Dave Coffman and Harley Schultz teamed up to tag and release a blue marlin estimated to weigh 175 lbs. Considering that Dave and Harley fought the fish on a 30 lb. class standup gear, their catch is pretty remarkable.

To go along with Dave and Harley’s blue marlin, TJ Coffman, Tammy Schultz, Jimmy Enos, and Mark Van-Daele caught a pair of mahis and a nice aku as well as a shibi. The anglers also had a shot at another blue marlin which was part of a double bite along with the marlin that Dave and Harley tagged and released.

The Chaney family got the trip that they dreamed about when Mark Chaney captured this 316 lb. blue marlin. Mark’s fish was most likely the result of having lady luck on the boat.

The White group had a great afternoon that concluded with a mahi and an ono. The anglers found Start Me Up on BD Outdoors and ended up being featured in a report on the website. Things worked out pretty nicely.

Robert Ertmar and Katelyn Lanini started their day off by catching some akus at K buoy. Some of the akus were kept for sashimi and poke while three akus were live baited for marlin. The marlin did not cooperate, so the plan changed and the anglers started trolling. On the ledge not far from Lahaina Harbor, Katelyn Lanini hooked a nice cow mahi. While Katelyn was fighting her fish, a nice bull mahi was hanging around the short rigger lure. A bait was thrown into the water and dropped back to the bull mahi. The fish ate the opelu and Robert Ertmar was hooked up. Katelyn and Robert both landed their nice mahis.

Mahis look good in the fish bag, but they look even better when they’re alive. Robert Ertmar was able to appreciate the colors of his bull mahi when the fish came out of the water.

Lauri Brigham wanted a mahi and she got the object of her desire. Although Lauri’s mahi was not a huge specimen, she was happy with her catch.

Nick Dressmann came across the catch of the year in the striped marlin department on an afternoon trip. Nick’s 138 lb. striped marlin was the largest striped marlin brought into Lahaina Harbor this year by 30 lbs. Nick was trolling in 50 fathoms off the area known as the dump when his fish hit a jet with pink, blue, and silver flying fish colors. The striped marlin took off like a freight train and made two phenomenal jumps before coming to the boat about 20 minutes later. Nick was pretty proud of his catch.

Robert Dones missed a nice striped marlin but managed to hang on to his next fish. This shortbill spearfish saved the day for Robert as the fish bit near the end of the trip.

This angler caught her mahi on a dead opelu. Trading in a small fish for a bigger fish is always nice.

Collin and Rich Williams were fishing around a fish aggregating device with natural bait when they hooked a shark. Collin and Rich Williams brought the shark to the back of the boat and released the fish.

Eric and Josie fished hard at the buoys but were shut out by porpoise. While trolling towards the shoals of Kahoolawe, the anglers caught an ono and a mahi in back to back fashion. Eric and Josie were glad that all of their effort was rewarded.

Kevin and Kiara Babb were real troopers out on the water and were able to come up a shortbill spearfish. Kevin and Kiara had their fish filleted so that they could have a barbeque.

This angler also planned to make a fish dinner out of his catch, which was a mahi.

Dave and Bonnie Marks, TJ Bird, and Chris Korinek displayed patience after missing a blue marlin. Their patience was rewarded when they landed a 144 lb. yellowfin tuna only 2 miles from Lahaina Harbor. The group was still excited on the dock because their ahi was such a quality fish.

When Mark Halteman caught his shortbill spearfish, the fish was the envy of Scott Pense. However, Scott’s envy didn’t last long as he caught his own shortbill spearfish a short time later. Both fish were caught while trolling the ledge off Lanai and both fish were eaten.

Jeff and Sam Rudman each landed their own mahi while working the not-so-secret inside pinnacle known as secret spot on an afternoon trip.

The Gawlik family also boated a couple of mahis on an afternoon trip. The Gawliks also had a blue marlin hooked up for about 20 minutes but, like so many other marlin, the fish got away. With that kind of action, the Gawliks are sure to be back on their next visit to Maui.

The Ferris group fished with Start Me Up for two days and had a marlin going on their first day out. They didn’t hook a marlin on day two but did get some fish for dinner as they caught four shibis and an ono while concentrating their efforts on the shoals of Kahoolawe. The shibis provided some great fun as they all struck together on quadruple bite.

This blue marlin got the Mayock family’s attention when the water exploded behind the long corner. The fish missed the long corner lure and swam away towards the long rigger. The marlin tried to bypass the small Ahi P lure with 8/0 hooks running in the long rigger position, but got hooked in the tail. The fish was pulled in backwards and died about a half hour into the 45 minute fight. Pete Mayock’s blue marlin weighed in at 242 lbs. but fought like a considerably larger fish due to being foul hooked.

Thanks for checking out this Start Me Up fishing report. I have fallen behind in posting these reports but the next one should be up soon because I have plenty of material. There will be a couple of big marlin and some other nice fish in the next report. Until then, tight lines.



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whichever one will have me
Great report guys....

How bout that free trip....what a policy....wtg. And props for making a donation on top of that.

Nice goin.


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Good assortment of fish this month!
I was on vaction in maui on 13-17 and visited your booth a few hours after the 592 lb marlin was caught. I would have like to chartered, but the wife wouldn't let me. Oh well, she owes me one now.