July 25, 2011 Lahaina Harbor, Maui, Hawaii


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Dec 9, 2008
Lahaina, Hawaii, USA
Start Me Up Sportfishing
Aloha from Lahaina Harbor, Maui, Hawaii. There have been a lot of small tunas around and, as a result, the blue marlin bite has been hot. The mahi and ono bite has not been as good, but there have been a few around. If there are any questions about the fishing, feel free to call Deli in Start Me Up’s Lahaina Harbor booth at 808-667-7879 between 9 a.m. or 5 p.m. Hawaii time. Another option is to email [email protected]. The following fishing report contains some of Start Me Up’s anglers and their fish up until July 15th.

The Roberge group clearly knows how to keep the line tight. The anglers tagged and released two blue marlin. One fish was estimated the weigh 200 lbs while the other fish was approximately 125 lbs. The mahi was just an added bonus.

The Clements family was happy when an ono came into the pattern and ate the general jet running in the short corner position. The 4 hour trip got even better when a blue marlin swam behind the boat and hit a trolled lure.

Mike Whitehead had a bite on his rod but the fish appeared to have missed the hooks. After a short pause, line started screaming off the reel as this ono did manage to find the hooks after throwing everyone for a loop. Finding out that a fish is still on the line is always a relief after thinking that the hooks might have come out.

The Miles family found out that the factory is open for business as the area produced a blue marlin and a mahi for the Miles brothers. Soon after hooking the blue marlin, a sizeable tiger shark was spotted right behind the boat. The shark was scared out of sight when the boat reversed after the marlin. The blue marlin made a few nice jumps immediately before reaching the boat, which was a spectacle that everyone enjoyed. Before the back deck was entirely cleaned up, the mahi bit a lure similar to the one that the blue marlin practically swallowed. Both fish hit lures with a pink, silver, and blue color combination.

This blue marlin hit a purple softhead running in the long corner position about half way through the Conkey’s family fishing trip. Similar to other people who have caught a blue marlin, the Conkey family was pretty excited about their fish. Seriously, who wouldn’t be fired up after catching a fish like that?

This aku was a good fish for Hudson Hess to catch. The blue marlin that his dad missed certainly would have been nice, but there is always next time. Catching a blue marlin is a task that often requires multiple fishing trips because blue marlin are both elusive and difficult to bring near a boat.

Don Codipilay was thinking about a bigger fish while working a bird pile on the 100 fathom ledge. However, Don had no problem taking this shibi so he could have some extremely fresh sashimi.

This angler was all smiles after a mahi came racing in behind the boat and hit a trolled lure. Two birds were killed with one stone as both excitement and dinner were provided.

This striped marlin made several attempts at the lure running on the short rigger before finally getting hooked up. Chris Koentz was able to get the striped marlin to the boat and secure his fish billfish ever.

The main reason that Jason Pagel went fishing was that his older son was persistent in asking him to go fishing. Everything worked out wonderfully and everyone was delighted as Jason ended up catching a 168 lb. blue marlin.

Like many other onos, this ono struck a general jet. Jennifer Tarke took advantage of the predisposition that onos have for biting general jets and brought her ono to the boat. Jennifer’s entire family enjoyed her catch as the fish ended up as a big part of the family’s dinner plans.

Steve and Suzanne Perotta were lucky enough to witness a double blue marlin bite. One of the fish jumped off, but Steve’s fish remained hooked up and the final result was a successful tag and release of an approximately 175 lb. blue marlin.

Anthony and Victoria Ramos intended to catch bottom fish when they left Lahaina Harbor. However, Anthony and Victoria decided to try dragging around some lures and were rewarded with this ono.

With all of the blue marlin around, seeing a striped marlin pop up behind the little boy blue lure running in the long gone position behind a bird was a nice surprise. Serena Dina’s fish got hooked through one eye on its second attempt at the lure. As the result, Serena’s fish was kept for consumption.

The Ciarlo group ended up with a mixed bag of fish including blue marlin, ono, and shibi. Such a wide variety of fish can be prepared in a number of different ways. Shibis are usually eaten raw, blue marlin are normally smoked, and onos are eaten both raw and cooked.

The Jun Ken Po is a Start Me Up boat that is usually based out of Kona. The Jun Ken Po has been in Lahaina for the past month in order to replace another Start Me Up boat that was being worked on. Gavin Pepper and his daughter enjoyed their time aboard the Jun Ken Po as they tagged and released an estimated 300 lb. blue marlin.

Micah Banads was joined by his friends for an afternoon of fishing. As Micah’s friends can verify, Micah caught a 250 lb. blue marlin which was tagged and released to fight another day.

Mayra Serrano caught her ono while trolling the inside pinnacles on an afternoon trip. Going far away from Lahaina Harbor and the islands in general is not always necessary when looking for fish.

Mary Lou Forest was just inside LA buoy when the long corner rod went off. A little bit of line came off the long corner rod and then the fish came unglued. The long rigger rod went off a split second later as the blue marlin swam right into the lure and got snagged in the back. Mary Lou had quite the challenge on her hands as she battled her foul-hooked blue marlin. Despite the difficulty of fighting a foul-hooked fish, Mary Lou caught her 195 lb. blue marlin.

James Calcavecchia got his blue marlin bite just outside the LA buoy marks. James fought his estimated 200 lb. blue marlin to the side of the boat, where the fish was tagged and released.

Brett Hickman got off to a quick start as he caught an ono not long after leaving Lahaina Harbor. Later in the day, Brett’s rod went off again and he decided to let fellow angler Preston Aaron catch the fish. That fish turned out to be a 206 lb. blue marlin. Brett gave Preston the opportunity to fight the blue marlin in order to thank Preston, who is a member of the United States Army, for his service.

Fred Kinworthy was yet another angler that caught a blue marlin. Fred’s approximately 80 lb. blue marlin was tagged and released.

Grant Miller’s shortbill spearfish, which is the most elusive species of billfish in the entire world, was a real trophy. Mike Manson also got in on the action as he caught a mahi that was perfect for dinner.

The Atkins group got excited when this blue marlin came charging in on the purple softhead in 50 fathoms of water off Olowalu. Everyone got a great experience and the angler, Patrick, got a great fight from his 149 lb. blue marlin.

The Rusten family got their nice bull mahi while dragging two opelus and aku slightly up-current of a floating debris pile. The family also caught an aku on a trolled 3 inch jet running behind a bird. Both of the Rusten brothers were excited about their fish.

Jarret Lewis and his friends had an eventful trip that featured three blue marlin bites. Jarret was able to get one of the blue marlin to the side of the boat, where the fish was successfully tagged, revived, and released.

Matt Bradley caught a dinner fish when he landed this ono. However, the best part of Matt’s trip was seeing a 300 lb. blue marlin jump all over the ocean before spitting out the hooks.

The Daniels, who fish regularly with Start Me Up, have been waiting patiently for a blue marlin. The Daniels finally achieved their goal and caught this blue marlin. The Daniels will certainly be back for more and Team Start Me Up looks forward to getting them back out on the water.

Jack and Sam Hickey along with Chris Reekie, ages 12, 10, and 12, respectively, teamed up to catch and release an estimated 225 lb. blue marlin. The fish took down the Jr. Softhead and the young anglers were able to put enough pressure on the fish during the 36 minute fight to smoke 6 feet of the 500 lb. leader. Congratulations to Jack, Sam, and Chris on a job well done and a fish that won’t soon be forgotten.

Thanks for taking a look at this Start Me Up fishing report. As can be seen in the photos above, the marlin fishing has really been phenomenal. Hopefully the bite will continue to be productive. Any questions can be directed towards Deli at 808-667-7879 or [email protected]. Until the next report, tight lines.



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Whoo! Thanks for the pics! I just booked a trip with you guys for August 3rd, the 6 hour noon to 6pm trip for 4. I look forward to seeing you!

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What can I expect to catch in April? My daughter is getting married in Maui and I'm thinking of taking my "new" son in law out fishing for a day.


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nice work as usual! Making me jealous and regretful that I didnt go out when I was there in June.