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Apr 10, 2007
so cal
Edge Water CC/Bonafide RS117
Made with Gamakatsu Hooks! Reaper88 jig heads.
Hand crafted, finished and home made. Lure heads are coated with UV Blast for subsurface water flash.
I started making these for myself and my friends. They work great and are super sharp.

WARNING - Hooks are so sharp the fish will self hook themselves even when dead sticking. Not for the lazy fisherman who wants to drink beer and relax. Lazy fisherman should look for other inferior products.

1/2 ounce, 1 ounce jig heads and swim jigs. Watermelon, Root bear and Candy Red colors available.
1/2 oz swim jigs $3
1 oz swim jigs $3.50

1/2 jig heads/lead heads (2 per pack) $4
1 ounce jig heads/lead heads (2 per pack) $5

Bladed Swim Jigs - Reaper88 Widow Maker $5.50
1/2 oz, 1 oz, and may have a few 1.5 oz in various colors and blade patterns.

I'm located in Yorba Linda. If you're local to me and picking up a lot I'll drop them off at your house.


Reaper88 - Swim Jig - Watermelon.jpg

Reaper88 - Widow Maker - Root Beer.jpg

Reaper88 Widow Maker - Root Beer.jpg

Reaper88 - Jig - Candy Red.jpg

R88 Jigs.jpg

Calico - R88.jpg

Reaper88 Widow Maker - Candy Red.jpg
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