Jessica Sportfishing Report - 11/24


Mar 22, 2019
San Diego
Wellcraft Fisherman 202 - “Dolores”
A little delayed, but what the hell. Made it down to Cabo finally to enjoy some time off and per the advice of other members from BD, went out with Captain Jaime on his awesome super panga. We all had had a couple too many the night before so we were slow moving to say the least... but this didn't deter Jaime. Being the only individual (aside from Jaime) that had any remote inclination of what they were doing on the boat, myself, my mom, her boyfriend, and my buddy set out just before day break. Jaime said the wahoo bite the day before was insane but they just weren't sticking, so we loaded up on some ballyhoo and a couple beefy macks and set out to get some solid table fare.

Not even 30 minutes after leaving the harbor and about 10 minutes after setting the trawlers out, we're bit. Of course they hit the ballyhoo as expected and it was on! First fish in the boat was handed to my fishing novice buddy and weighed just over 10 lbs (not huge but hey, the skunk was off). No longer than 10 minutes later we got bit again, and again, and by 9am, we had landed 3 fish which was more than plenty (biggest was ~20lbs) probably losing another 3 more to strikes but no sets.

From there, Jaime suggested we go and try for some grouper or roosters, so we went and made bait out on the pacific side and went to some rock pilings along the shore. Sure enough, we hook up instantly and pass to my mom who is just excited she caught a fish. Couldn't remember the name of the fish, but it was beautiful; just not for eating. After playing around the rocks for a little, we slow trolled the beach for rooster for the last 2 hours or so before we headed in. We hooked 6 roosters but only landed 2. All in all, it was an amazing day. The legend is true, Jaime is the man and he knows what the hell he's doing. If you're thinking of fishing down in Cabo I'd highly recommend working with Jaime and Jessica Sportfishing. Tight lines-
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