Japan. Mahi, Tuna, Wahoo...


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Dec 11, 2011
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I got a group together from work and put chartered a boat. we also had 2 guys from the Japanese Army with us. They are engineers and doing an exchange program with our unit. We've been teaching them our ways for the past 2 weeks. Among other things they did, they caught their first fish!
I brought out my 12/0 to load up on fish mojo and also had my Mak 80 and Avet EX50.
lots of fish came on the troll. we would drift past the bouys and chunk bait to the schools for only a couple fish. The drone of the diesel and smoking lures really got their attention!
first pass of a bouy and all three trolling rods get bent! lost the short corner (one of the Japanese guys was on it and just didn't know to keep tension). got two to the boat!

12/0 mojo

second pass and a double!

lets do another pass.. DOUBLE!

the school was around us so we threw baits out. I dropped the heavy Iron and nailed this guy

not much on that drift so we reset the drift. while moving I dropped back the lures and... FISH ON!

another wahoo for me.

next drift turned out good

went to reset for another drift and set out the lures.
got two wahoo!

some more pics

Tight lines guys!
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