January 15, 2011 Lahaina Harbor, Maui


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Dec 9, 2008
Lahaina, Hawaii, USA
Start Me Up Sportfishing
Aloha from Lahaina Harbor, Maui. The beginning of the new year has been productive and exciting here at Start Me Up Sportfishing with a steady catch of mahi mahi and a reasonable number of marlin bites.

The Gustavson brothers caught these two mahis off a floater south of Olowalu. They went out in the afternoon after the floater had been fished heavily all morning. Luckily, their captain Denny had some live opelu onboard and used them to hook these two mahis.

Scott McMaster caught this nice 20 lb. cow mahi.

The Baileys and Holelhas caught these three mahis off a log near Keamoku point on Lanai. Captain Jason saw a mahi free-jumping in the distance and the other captain on the boat, Captain Ryan, made a pass through the area. As they approached the area where Captain Jason had seen the mahi, they found the log and had a double hook-up, landing one of two nice 20 lb. mahis. The captains switched to three rods with 5 inch lures and made a few more passes through the area to land two more mahis.

The Bennett family went out on a six hour trip and their son landed a 10 lb. kawa kawa.

Bobby Twitchell, who lives on Maui, went out on the early morning trip on the Action. They went north out of Lahaina to Molokai’s N buoy despite rough water. Their toughness paid off as they landed 5 mahi and a couple shibi.

Donald Lafter went out on an 8 hour trip on the Start Me Up Cuz. Captains Craig and Steve took Donald and his group out to K buoy, where they caught these three mahis on live opelu.

After catching the three mahis at K buoy, Captains Craig and Steve trolled in towards the Lanai lighthouse. They had a double bite at the lighthouse and got both fish. Donald Lafter and his group had a great day on the water, boating 5 mahis.

Dennis and Andrew Claeys went out early on the Action. They caught a 22 lb. bull mahi at CC buoy and then a smaller mahi at Nassau buoy, both on live opelu.

Dennis and Larry McCarty posed for a photo with Captain Mike and their 20 lb. cow mahi.

The Mays family from Kentucky went out on a 6 hour trip. They took advantage of two early trolling bites to land these two mahi, one of which was a 25 lb. bull.

The Lovoys from San Pedro, California took a family fishing trip. John landed a 17 lb. mahi on the troll in 150 fathoms behind Lanai on an Elkins Jr. popsicle.

Ryland and Colin Munn, Christian Macklam, and Mark Brown caught these two mahis trolling near Kahoolawe. The fishermen had an enjoyable day on the water due to the successful fishing and good weather.

Lowell Pietsch boated this 25 lb. mahi on the Start Me Up La Dat. The fish was hooked while trolling near the slides behind Lanai.

Larry Steeiuk reeled in this mahi at LA buoy.

David Blewitt did not blow it. He heard about Start Me Up on Bloody Decks and proceeded to go out and catch a mahi.

Crystal Anderson took her family fishing for 4 hours and caught this 18 lb. mahi.

Riley Mallen had gone out bottom fishing a couple of days before he went fishing with Start Me Up. Riley didn’t catch anything bottom fishing and was determined to catch a fish while he was on Maui. So Captain Ryan added a king buster to the spread in order to increase Riley’s chances of catching at least a small tuna. Riley ended up catching a kawa kawa and was very proud of his catch.

Ian Irving went out fishing with his father Jim for 4 hours and caught an unusually colorful mahi on the troll.

Kate and Kathy Benziger and Chris and Peter Grejtak went on a 4 hour shared trip. Kate caught an aku and Peter reeled in a mahi. This group was also fortunate enough to hook a 400 lb. marlin that tail-walked, jumped, and ripped out 400 yards of line before coming off. Peter, who had never gone big game fishing before, said that the power displayed by the marlin was incredible.

The Schultz family, all the way from frigid North Dakota, went out on the Action. They fished Nassau buoy where they caught a mahi and two shibi and also released an approximately 180 lb. oceanic white-tip shark.

Rick, Travis, and Darcie Conway, Justin and Chelsea Erickson, and Chance Hooper fished on the Start Me Up Cuz. Rick was the angler that caught this 22 lb. bull mahi after the fish swallowed a dead aku at LA buoy.

Eric Dunmire and Dan Tall took advantage of a double trolling bite off Kamaiki point on Lanai to catch two mahi.

Jorgen Eriksson, from Sweden, boated a 22 lb. mahi. The mahi hit a Jr. softhead on the long rigger in the vicinity of LA buoy.

Bart Pickens, a chef from Tennessee, has fished with Start Me Up in the past. This time he caught a big 36 lb. bull mahi on a live opelu at Nassau buoy.

If you are a frequent reader of Start Me Up fishing reports, you probably noticed that this report is slightly different than previous reports. That’s because Burger will no longer be writing the reports as she is moving to Florida. Everyone at Start Me Up is going to miss her greatly and we all wish her the best of luck in the future. I, Jonny, will be taking over for Burger. I was introduced to big game fishing in Hawaii by my father, Deli, and between us we have over 30 years of experience fishing in Hawaii. If anyone would like a more current bite report or wants to find out more about fishing on Maui, call Deli or myself at 808-667-7879 between 9am and 5pm Hawaii time or email us at [email protected]. Tight lines to everyone.