Inshore Izors 7/3

Aug 15, 2014
Sean Horsley
Wellcraft Coastal 252
Two days late but this is my first post so I got a little nervous 🤣
My dad, my dog and I launched out of Alamitos around 7:30am, super gentleman’s hours, headed over to nacho and picked up a half scoop of Squid and made our way out. We didn’t feel like running to Catalina with such a late start so figured we would try our luck over by the mussel farms. Two other boats workin but didn’t see any bent rods so we tried a single drift thru without even a meter mark. We had read Izors bass bite was good past couple of days so we decided to head over there instead. Pulled up at 9:00am to around 12 boats drifting and anchored with 5 more of the sporties anchored up. Set up our drift away from the pack and got to work. My dad caught 5 sandbass all around the 3-5# range on a 1-1/2oz slider set up over the next hour and a half. Other than a baby, and I mean baby, sheepshead I was snake bit. I couldn’t buy a bite. So I finally switched over from a dropper loop setup with a 5oz weight to the 1-1/2oz slider set up he was using and the mojo on the boat switched. I caught 9 sandbass over the next 2-1/2 hours and he got one more. All catch and release. With the exception of one shorty, all the bass were in the 3-5# range. I caught one that was the largest sandbass I have seen in over a decade (7#?) but before we could take a photo I dropped her overboard trying to keep my dog from biting its tail 🤦🏼‍♂ I know photos or it didn’t happen but the photo of just a bit of a splash and me standing by the rail is the only photo we were able to get of the ordeal. Wind and drift picked way way up so we were gonna pitch the anchor after tying on a new rope only to realize we left the clip large enough for our chain sitting at home in the garage. 🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️ Oh well. Decided to call it a day and head back early. All in all, a really great day of fishing with my dad.
Tight lines everyone.


Great first report and a fun day with your dad
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I've posted enough I should know better...
Jul 26, 2007
Northridge, CA
Donald W. Clarke III
11+ ft, Ocean Kayak Scrambler, P 'N' Queue Pod
Cool dag! Oh, um, nice fish too!

Good fishin'!
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