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Oct 19, 2008
The Land of Entrapment
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A Pair of Simms G3 Waders
So I’m considering getting into SUP fishing. The only real requirement I have is for the rig to be an inflatable. We travel quite a bit in our trailer, so the ability to pack it down is a must.

I’m primarily a flyfisher so I’d imagine using it on lakes for trout, bass, etc. We also spend 4-6 weeks a year down on the Texas Gulf, and I love fishing for reds and specks, so it’ll get some marsh and bay use as well.

Anyone with experience on these?
Thanks and Happy Holidays to all!
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McQuade Outdoors

McQuade Outdoors
Nov 24, 2005
San Diego
john mcquade
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Paddle Board
ive got a friend that comes out with me from time to time on an inflatable. Works great as hes traveled around with it too. Bring patches, he did get 3 holes from 1 angry fish that stuck its dorsal spines into the board. Almost make sure the board has bungees front and back.
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