Islands Thursday



A whales vagina
Jul 14, 2016
La Mesa
Connor Baldwin
First off great weather today and really courteous fisherman except for one or two "throttle Jockeys" learned that expression today. Longest bait line i have ever experienced i dont fish weekends literally once in past 30 years of fishing so new to me. Made 30 macs while waiting in line. Thank you to ballast point guys for can of cat food forgot mine. Got to islands right on tide change put macs out and chummed on lee side and my buddy and i boated 5 quickly and pulled a couple hooks. Bite stopped for us at 1030 but h2o warm blue 67 plus on our meter. Found current we liked a few more fish on slow trolled macs hammered limits and home by 3. Thank you to Steve on Mission belle who saw us on our own school of fish and didnt bother us went and found his own. Much appreciated real class. All fish on macs except for one. Make macs Guys and gals. Saw Cody out there hammering a few, nice to meet you in person. All fish 14 to 22 lbs 25 seaguar and 30 floro close to rocks in the good currents. Get some! Back to training Jiujitsu for a while until i get my blackbelt in the fall. Aloha

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